October 20, 2021

Cheerful 89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Receives $12,000 Tip from His Secret Fan Base

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An elderly man who delivered pizza was overjoyed after discovering that he had a secret fan base. His infectious joy gained him lots of followers and a special delivery of his own! 

Last year, 89-year-old Derlin Newey couldn't cover his bills on social security alone, so he started a job as a pizza delivery man. He worked about 30 hours a week and always does his duty with a smile on his face.

He became so well-loved that customers started requesting him as their delivery man. He opens the door, asks his customers if they are looking for pizza, and usually offers them a compliment. 

Elderly man who delivers pizza to cover his bills is overcome with emotion when a customer hands him a special cheque | Photo: Youtube/KSL News



Carlos Valdez was one customer that enjoyed every encounter he had with Newey. They started chatting about their Utah community, and a friendship blossomed between the men. 

In September, Valdez started sharing videos featuring the older man on his TikTok account, and soon, netizens fell in love with his sweet character. Valdez was overwhelmed by the online reaction and how quickly everyone came to support him. 



Valdez's thousands of followers were curious about why an elderly man needed to work so much. When they found out about his financial situation, the online community banded together. 

A "Venmo challenge" was organized to collect money for Newey, and netizens managed to raise $12,000 for him. Valdez and his wife were excited to deliver the special gift to Newey, who lives all alone.  

The $12,000 cheque that was presented to an elderly pizza delivery man from his "TikTok Family" | Photo: Youtube/KSL News



Newey, who didn't know what TikTok was, was overcome with emotion after Valdez handed him the cheque. He said: "How do I ever say thank you? I don't know what to say."

Valdez was elated with the surprise they managed to pull off, and he hoped this money would lighten some of Newey's financial burdens. He stated: "This couldn't have gone any better. He needed this."

Man and his family hand their elderly pizza delivery man a surprise cheque | Photo: Youtube/KSL News



Valdez also highlighted the importance of spreading kindness and respect, just like Newey always does. TikTokers were happy to see the tip reach the elderly pizza delivery man.  

Users were moved to tears by Newey's story. One person wrote: "This story has me crying like a baby. He's so deserving of this money ... the people who donated to assist this elderly kind man really deserves the applause."

Elderly man who delivers pizza to cover his bills is overcome with emotion when a customer hands him a special cheque | Photo: Youtube/KSL News



Others pointed out that "the system" had failed the man and hoped he would find a way to retire soon. A user said: "He should be enjoying retirement, not worried about his bills or medication."

Another added: "He delivers pizzas, is almost 90 years old, and still has a positive attitude. Inspiring." Newey's gratitude was clear to see, and his story is a testament to the power of kindness.