Riss baby's toes | Riss's baby | Source: Tiktok.com/riss_237
Riss baby's toes | Riss's baby | Source: Tiktok.com/riss_237

Baby Cries All Night until Mother Discovers a Few Stray Strands of Hair Wrapped around Her Toes

Brittany Litster
Jan 04, 2022
12:35 A.M.

A mother was up all night tending to her baby, who would not stop crying. At first, she didn't know what was wrong, but she found the unexpected cause the following day.


An American mother decided to share her upsetting experience online after her baby struggled to sleep because of an often-invisible enemy. @riss_237 took to TikTok to detail her scary discovery and alert other parents.

In the video, she explained that she tried everything to ease her little one's crying, but nothing worked. She cried all night, and the mother was perplexed. Finally, she got to the bottom of the mystery the next day.



Riss was not the only mother that shared her baby experiences online. A mother of four who lives in Boston looked for a way to help her teething baby. Kasie decided to try an amber necklace after many other parents recommended it online.

After doing some research, she ordered one and was told it was "safe." However, one day her infant's necklace got stuck in the baby gate. It caused him to choke, and the mother was unable to unhook it. She immediately screamed for her husband.


Fortunately, he was able to break it loose and rescue their baby, who had already started to turn blue. The experience was terrifying, and Kasie was certain if she had been away from her child at the moment, he would not have survived the ordeal.


She shared her story online for a similar reason as Riss. Both mothers wanted to prevent other parents from facing similar scares, threats, or confusion with their babies. Their clips gained millions of views on the TikTok video-sharing platform.


When mother Riss saw that her baby's toe was red, she decided to take a closer look and noticed something unexpected. A few strands of hair had wrapped around her two toes.

Hair can be dangerous for infants because it has the potential to create a hair tourniquet. This can form when hair wraps tightly around limbs and stops circulation. Paramedic and CEO of Tiny Hearts Education Nikki Jurcutz shared more.

A baby cried all night and the mother finally discovered that the cause was a few strands of hair | Source: TikTok/riss_237

A baby cried all night and the mother finally discovered that the cause was a few strands of hair | Source: TikTok/riss_237


Jurcutz said tourniquets can be very painful and can be removed easily by using a hair removal cream. If that doesn't work, parents should get their babies to an emergency room because the tourniquet can lead to more significant issues for the child.

The TikToker used her experience to encourage others to "make it a habit to check [their] babies' fingers and toes." With millions of views, the clip indeed reached a large audience, and the advice has hopefully prevented others from missing the hairs wrapped around their little one's limbs.

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