October 20, 2021

Couple about to Put Parenthood Dream on Hold When They Suddenly Get Asked to Adopt a Child

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A married couple's life changed for the better when a call on a Wednesday night in 2019 introduced them to the possibility of becoming parents to an adorable baby, proving that families don't have to match. 

Embracing parenthood is one of the most priceless sentiments a couple can ever experience, but being deprived of this joy can hurt just as badly.

However, opting for ways like adoption can promise parental bliss for such people, emerging as a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. The same happened to Sadie and Jarvis Sampson when an unexpected call turned their life around. 

Sadie and Jarvis Sampson pictured with their son Ezra. | Photo:


The Texas couple tied the knot in 2017 and began trying for a baby. Sadie did everything she could, including ovulation tests, prenatal vitamins, cycle tracking apps, and fertility monitors, but nothing helped. Talking to Love What Matters, she shared:

"‘Lose weight, and you’ll get pregnant right away,’ said every doctor I saw."

Sadie underwent gastric bypass surgery in February 2019 and shed 28 pounds in the first month. But despite all efforts, Sadie was told she wouldn't be able to conceive, which shattered her heart as she had always longed to be a mother. 


The couple had nearly given up on their dream of becoming parents when they received a text message from Sadie's best friend, asking if they wanted to adopt a baby. The message further said: 

"Well a friend of mine, and her boyfriend are considering foster care or adoption for their son. I told them that I thought you guys would be a great fit (sic)."

Soon afterward, Sadie got a call from her caseworker, who said the birth mom had asked if she could foster the baby for 6-12 months. While the Sampsons agreed to be temporary foster parents, they feared getting attached to the baby.


Fortunately, their fears were soon diminished when the caseworker called again and said the birth mother had no issues with them adopting the baby, who was born prematurely. Sadie shared details of her ecstatic reaction with Motherly:

“The first time I saw him it was so hard for me to grasp the fact that he was mine. It took a while for me to realize that he is my son and I am his mom.”

The Texas couple decided to call their son Ezra, which was the name his birth parents had given him and meant "helper." They even documented their adoption journey on social media, posting adorable pictures of their bundle of joy. 



In one of the sweet photographs, the couple could be seen wearing t-shirts as they held little Ezra. Sadie's shirt read: "Not Showing Still Glowing," while Jarvis' t-shirt had "Families Don't Have to Match #Adoption" written on it. 

The Sampsons are now also parents to twin baby girls who were born through embryo donation. Undoubtedly, they're going strong as a family of five and showing the world that love, care, and parental emotions are not defined by color or race. 


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