October 24, 2021

Woman Says She Gave Birth to First Baby at 70 after Doctors Told Her She Couldn't Have Kids

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A new mom is feeling thankful after welcoming her first child at an unlikely age, making her one of the oldest moms in the world. The elderly couple achieved this feat through a commonly-known medical procedure.

For almost five decades, Jivuben Rabari and her husband Maldhari have moved mountains to welcome a child to no avail. Just when it seemed parenthood was not in the books for them, the couple welcomed their first issue, a son.

Their quest for a child began 45 years ago, following their marriage. The duo, resident in the small village of Mora in Gujurat, India, sought help from various facilities before finally landing at Dr. Naresh Bhanushali’s clinic.


A picture of 70-year-old mother, Jivuben Rabari, holding her baby |

At first, the specialist turned them down due to their age. However, Jivuben, estimated to be 70, as she has no ID to prove her age, and her 75-year-old husband insisted that several family members before them successfully pulled it off.


Their insistence motivated the doctor to give it a try, employing the IVF procedure to help the elderly woman conceive. Sure enough, she took in, welcoming their son months later.

Dr. Naresh described Jivuben’s ability to conceive and bear a child at 70 as one of the rarest cases he had ever seen. This is especially true as most women undergo menopause between their forties and late fifties, making the chances of a woman conceiving in her seventies slim to none. 

Pregnant woman holding her baby bump | Photo: Pexels


Utilizing IVF can increase that chance, provided the woman in question had a healthy uterus. Unfortunately, even with some younger adults, IVF procedures sometimes succeed only after several trials, if ever.

The unbelievable feat made Jivuben one of the oldest first-time moms in the world. Before her, Indian mom Erramatti Mangayamma became a medical wonder after welcoming twin girls via a cesarean section at the age of 74.


She and her 78-year-old husband, Raja Rao, waited 57 years to become parents before eventually landing their babies and a world record all at once. Notably, Manganyamma became the oldest mom in the world following the birth of her twin girls in 2019.

The Ahalya Hospital, where the historic moment played out, confirmed that both mother and daughters were healthy and without complications.

A pregnant woman holding her growing belly. | Photo: Shutterstock

The revelation was another shocking reality. Most women who become moms after hitting their late thirties usually develop complications like blood clots, mental health-related issues, severe, potentially fatal hypertension, preeclampsia, or stress-related issues.


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