9-Year-Old Ignores His Mother, Forces Her to Call 911 and Saves Her Life

Lois Oladejo
Oct 24, 2021
12:40 P.M.

The listening ears, observing eyes, and persuasive skills of a 9-year-old were all it took to save his mother from a potentially fatal health condition.


Camdyn returned home from school one fateful afternoon in 2017 to find his mom clutching her chest and writhing in pain on the couch while trying to nurse his three-week-old baby brother.

The little boy knew something was wrong immediately, prompting him to quiz his mom to find out if she was okay. In the process, the boy gathered that his mom, Kimberly Smith, woke up that morning with a sharp pain in her chest.

A picture of Camdyn Smith and his family | Photo: Facebook.com/ksmith1366

A picture of Camdyn Smith and his family | Photo: Facebook.com/ksmith1366

To make matters worse, her arms felt heavy, her breathing was laborious, and carrying her infant felt like a burden. Her symptoms only worsened as the hours ticked on, leaving her feeling completely drained by the time Camdyn got home.

Although each breath she took felt like being stabbed, she reassured her concerned son she was fine and only needed to rest. She opted to take a short nap right after putting her baby to sleep, but Camdyn wouldn’t have that.


Sitting next to his mom, he offered a lecture he grasped at school while listening in gym class, saying: “Mom, My health teacher said if someone grabs their chest like that, I should call 911. I’m going to get my shoes on. We need to get to a hospital.”

With that, the preteen stormed off to his room to wear his shoes. Moved by her son’s convincing argument, she proceeded to book an appointment with her doctor, who shared Camdyn’s concerns after hearing her symptoms.

The hospital quickly called for an ambulance, which transported her to the Skagit Valley Hospital. Before long, she was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolisms, which caused her lungs to be full of blood clots.


Further tests revealed Kimberly was genetically predisposed to the condition, which was heightened by her recent caesarian section.

Doctors informed the mother of three that chances were she would never have awakened if she had taken the planned nap. She realized at that moment that her middle child saved her life.

However, the 9-year-old hardly considers himself a hero. Together with his older brother, Bryson, the youngster stood by his mom as she began her daunting journey to recovery.


The two happily assisted their mom to nurse their baby brother while she fought for her life. The single mother set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to settle her medical bills.

Kimberly, who never heard of blood clots until she experienced them, has since embarked on a journey to raise awareness about blood clots.

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