October 22, 2021

Baker Who Worked for 'Mafia' Took Revenge on Colleague after Conflict with 'Big Boss' – Life Story

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A professional baker was recruited by an eccentric bakery start-up that resembled a mafia. When her relationship with her boss turned sour because of her colleague, she decided to get revenge.

Reddit user Silvawuff was a professional baker who worked at a local grocery store. One day, the entire bakery staff was offered a surprise job by an anonymous Russian woman.

The woman promised them to double their current salary if they were willing to work for her company. It was a bumper offer, and the Redditor and her colleague, whom she addressed as “Mixer,” decided to schedule an interview with their new recruiter. 

Baker watches his short-tempered boss yelling at someone over the phone | Photo: Amomama


At the interview, the Original Poster (OP) realized the business was a start-up. The place was still under construction, and when she met the lead baker, she was given stringent warnings about their boss. OP explained:

“I met their Lead Baker, and we hit it off right away. He warned me that the Big Boss had “interesting tastes” and we’d need to work with that.”

OP didn’t take the warning seriously and wanted to make more money. She was hired along with her coworker, and they enjoyed working together for the next few months. 

Woman starts a new job as a baker | Photo: Unsplash


Their boss revealed that he wanted to set up a mass production facility of quality pastries and installed several new pieces of equipment worth millions, the team began expanding too. OP added:

“Over time, they were bringing on more staff, and it was a lot of fun developing new recipes, experimenting with ratios, and figuring out how to get over constraints for the types of products that Boss wanted.”

While all was well, OP didn’t like how her boss addressed her as “sweetie” during a cheesecake review. She told him she was okay with him calling her “Miss,” “Ma’am,” or her name. Her boss was annoyed and began treating her differently.


Baker is uncomfortable with how her boss addresses her | Photo: Pexels

Then he started firing employees for unknown reasons. OP and her coworker liked working under their lead baker, but unfortunately, their boss fired him. She said:


“It came as a surprise since he was developing all the recipes we’d be using. I inherited a lot of his notes, and his development work was divided between me and the Mixer.”

Though the coworker was on good terms with OP, he wanted to become the next lead baker. Impressing their boss became a competition, and while the mixer made a good impression, OP’s relationship with the boss became rockier.

Woman takes a look at the baked samples to ensure they are flawless | Photo: Pexels


He ensured she never got the appreciation she deserved. For instance, when OP served him the sample cinnamon roles she’d made, her boss lashed out at her, saying they tasted terrible.

He discarded the flour into a hot dumpster, unaware it wouldn’t stop rising.

OP realized something was wrong and decided to serve him the same cinnamon rolls through another coworker to see if he complained again. But he loved the samples. Around the same time, OP began noticing her important recipe notes were missing.

Woman searches for her missing recipe notes | Photo: Pixabay


Another worker in the bakery tipped her off that her coworker had been stealing her work and presenting them as his own. While OP’s colleague was good at following recipes, he lacked the knowledge to create his own recipes, so OP decided to duplicate her notes and replace them with awful recipes. OP added:

“My original plan was to leave this in an obvious spot as bait and let him steal the awful recipes, but Big Boss had other plans. We sat down for a pre-launch meeting, and he informed me I wasn’t going to be working in the Bakery anymore.”

The boss relegated OP to store setup, but she found out how her coworker messed up a bread dough testing the next day. He discarded the flour into a hot dumpster, unaware it wouldn’t stop rising. A few hours later, the flour had exploded from the dumpster, and he had to shovel the mess.


Baker is pleased with her revenge | Photo: Unsplash

The sweet revenge was what OP needed, and she continued to work there until her boss fired her. By then, she already had a new job lined up. After OP was fired, the bakery went on to have a grand opening, ran for three months, and then closed down. 

After reading her post, user gonzojeff sided with OP in a comment that read: “Some jobs simply aren’t worth the pain and trouble they put you through, no matter how much dough you’re making.”

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