October 24, 2021

'Blind' 4-Year-Old Girl Meets Her Newborn Baby Brother in a Heartwarming Video

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Presley Halbert, born blind, warmed the hearts of Facebook users who saw her viral video meeting her brother for the first time.

It is certainly a heartwarming sight for parents to see their children love and care for each other, especially amidst a chaotic world.

So when Caroline Halbert took her newborn home to meet his siblings, she was thrilled to witness a warm welcome from baby Hunter’s older sisters, especially Presley.

Presley Halbert meets her little brother for the first time. | Source: and


Then-four-year-old Presley was born blind, as mentioned in her mom’s Instagram bio. Despite the difficulties, she has been able to navigate her way through life and attend school.

Recently, Presley became an older sister to a baby boy, her brother Hunter. Although she couldn’t see him, she was over the moon to meet him for the first time.

In a viral video, Presley was captured showing her excitement while holding her little brother. “Hey Hunter,” she greeted him. “Hey, sweet boy.”


Meanwhile, Caroline, who was holding Hunter at that time, guided Presley’s hands to touch Hunter’s head gently. Although she did not show her reaction on screen, it was clear that Caroline was smiling from ear to ear.

Raising a blind child is certainly not a bed of roses, but like Caroline, Hailey Brown was optimistic about raising her legally blind daughter, Arliyah.

Several Facebook users flooded Caroline’s post with kind words commenting on how sweet the brother-sister moment was. “I’m dying this is the sweetest thing ever!!” one person said


Raising a child with a disability is no easy feat. However, Caroline embraced her daughter’s blindness and had many realizations on the way. She shared:

“I always tell parents starting on this journey raising a blind child to treat them like you’d treat any child. She gets just as excited (if not more) about the same things a sighted child does.”

Caroline mentioned that the only difference is that she and her family have to describe some things and adapt to the situation. 


There are also some hindrances from being blind. For one, Presley cannot ride the bike alone, which of course, her mom would never allow. 

Still, Presley remains a ray of sunshine in the lives of those around her, and as seen in many photos, she has a happy and contagious smile.

Raising a blind child is certainly not a bed of roses, but like Caroline, Hailey Brown was optimistic about raising her legally blind daughter, Arliyah, also born with albinism.

Hailey refused to accept that her daughter could not live a relatively normal life and raised her to be a strong and passionate kid. Caroline and Hailey are two strong women raising soon-to-be strong women as well. 

Hopefully, their stories can encourage other parents in similar situations to have a positive outlook about raising kids with disabilities.