October 21, 2021

Flight Attendant Saves Girl from Human Trafficking by Leaving Paper and Pencil In the Toilet

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A flight attendant's attentiveness saved a passenger in need of rescuing. The passenger managed to get a message to the airline staff thanks to the flight attendant's quick thinking. 

In 2017, it was revealed that Alaska Airlines had a real-life hero on its staff. Shelia Fedrick prevented a woman from leaving the plane with a dangerous man that was keeping her captive. 

Fedrick noticed that one of her passengers was uncomfortable with the man she was traveling with. She didn't know if her hunch was correct, but she decided to investigate the situation after a few red flags.

A flight attendant managed to save a woman from human trafficking by reaching out to her mid-flight | Photo: Youtube/Good Morning Britain & Facebook/Shelia-Fedrick



The flight attendant tried to communicate with the woman she thought might be in need. The passenger avoided her, but when Fedrick managed to get a look into her eyes, she immediately knew something was off.

The flight attendant went into the bathroom and broke down in tears. She didn't know how to get a clear sign from the woman, so she prayed and then put her hands into her pockets.



Fedrick felt a pencil and piece of paper and got an idea. If she could get the woman to write a message, she might confirm her suspicions. The flight attendant knew there was no way she could hand the woman the paper and pencil in front of the man. 

She needed to come up with a clever plan. Fedrick decided to leave the writing materials inside the bathroom. To prevent anyone else from entering the lavatory, she locked the door. 



While one of her co-workers distracted the man, Fedrick signaled the woman and mouthed the word "bathroom" while showing a writing motion with her finger. The woman seemed to have gotten the message.

Now all Fedrick could do was hope the woman would get to the bathroom. The passenger walked toward her with the man not leaving her side. Fedrick quickly asked if they needed to use the toilet.



The man responded on behalf of the woman and indicated that she needed to use the toilet. Fedrick quickly unlocked the bathroom door and allowed the woman inside by herself. 

When the pair returned to their seats, Fedrick quickly entered the bathroom and saw her piece of paper. She turned it around and read three words that left her in tears once again. 



There, written in pencil, were the words: "I need help." The secret message was all Fedrick needed to act. She swiftly contacted her pilot and informed him about the situation. 

When the aircraft landed in San Francisco, they got the assistance they needed. Thanks to Fedrick's efforts, the police were ready to come on board and handle the situation immediately.



They arrested the man and took care of the woman who was a victim of human trafficking. Fedrick managed to save the woman, but sadly, the same does not happen for all victims.

Statistics for 2016 revealed that human trafficking increased by 35.7%. This is why citizens must be aware of their surroundings and act quickly if they suspect foul play, just like Fedrick did. 

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