October 21, 2021

Footballer Fulfills Special Needs Girl's Dream, Asks Her to a Dance in Front of the Whole School

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Maddie Morley always dreamed of having a glittering night at the prom, but due to being autistic, she doubted this would ever happen. However, perhaps her assumptions were too quick, but even so, would she say yes? 

Autism is considered a developmental disorder that makes those who are autistic experience the world in a unique way, compared to most of the population. Generally, autistic individuals can struggle with basic living skills, reading social cues, and face issues with motor skills.  

They can also find external stimuli, such as light or sound, overbearing. In 2017, an autistic teenager Maddie Morley from California, then 16, received the surprise of her life, fulfilling all her sparkling Cinderella dreams. 


Maddie Morley getting asked out to the Evening of Dreams dance by Kooper Richardson [left]; Maddie Morley at the Evening of Dreams dance with Kooper Richardson [right]. | Source:


The 16-year old's mother expanded on her daughter's wish to go to an official dance, saying that it was something Morley had wanted for a long time. However, the mom expressed that her teen's development disorder may likely get in the way of this, stating


"There really isn’t historically a way for special-needs students to be included in a prom.”

Nevertheless, Morley was in for a huge surprise. One day at a school assembly, an announcement came over the speakers, which the teenager was not expecting. 

Maddie Morley. | Source:



The announcer asked Morley to come up on stage when suddenly, popular and senior football player Kooper Richardson came onto the stage with a bouquet. The footballer asked

"Would you go to 'Evening of Dreams' with me?"

The teen responded in the affirmative to this prom he invited her to, which is dedicated to those with special needs. Morley was overcome with emotion and began crying. 

Maddie Morley getting ready for the “Evening of Dreams” prom. | Source:



The autistic teen looked stunning, dressed in a white fairytale dress. She and Richardson had a fantastic time together, dancing the night away at the prom. 

Taking to the stage at the dance, Morley was also named the night's Queen. She was given a glittering crown that matched her princess-like attire. 



From being asked to the prom to getting ready and attending the dance, the whole process was recorded and shared on Folsom High School's Facebook page. The clip went viral, with many commenting on how heartfelt the gesture and dance were. One expressed

"I just bawled through this entire video... I hope that people accept my autistic son Carter this way someday."

The special needs prom originated in Sacramento, California. The purpose of the event was to encourage inclusion, awareness and to create a night to remember for all those who attend, and when it came to Morley, it appears that they hit the bull's eye. 


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