Woman Tries to Track Down Biological Mother–Discovers That She Faked Her Kidnapping

Brittany Chalmers
Oct 22, 2021
04:00 A.M.

A woman was looking for her biological family when she discovered something heartbreaking. The family she had been living with was not who they claimed to be.


TikTok user @thebeardedmom knew the woman who raised her was not her biological mom, but there was more to the story than that. When she started on a quest to find out more about her birth mother, she was shocked by what she discovered.

She was 26 years old, healthy, and about to get married when she started looking for her biological mom. The woman, Shawne Bolton, thought it would be easy to find her if she looked up her criminal record.

Shawne Bolton | Photo: TikTok/thebeardedmom

Shawne Bolton | Photo: TikTok/thebeardedmom


Bolton called the sheriff's department where she was born and presented them with all of the information she possibly could. A quick search led the sheriff to discover something unexpected.


He asked Bolton to sit down before revealing what the files said. The sheriff then told her that she had been reported missing since 1980. According to the archived records, police had investigated her case.



The TikToker then posted a series of clips detailing her shocking story and how she managed to track down most of her family. However, the part that upset most viewers was linked to Bolton's kidnapping.

She revealed that her biological mother sold her to the family she lived with her entire life. Her grandmother was unaware that she was sold and consequently reported the child missing.



Years went by, and the birth mother even helped police search for her missing child, all while knowing where she was. Bolton stated that the discovery was traumatizing.

She said that the family who bought her also treated her terribly. Her efforts were in vain when she tried to reunite with her birth mother despite all that had transpired.



Bolton told viewers that she had eventually cut all ties with the family that kidnapped her and her birth mother. She is focused on mending her life and the relationship she has with her two kids.

Despite all of the trauma in her life, the TikToker said she is pretty "abnormally normal" given everything she has gone through. Many netizens flooded her comment section wanting to know more and also offering her words of encouragement.



One user wrote: "I'm so sorry that happened to you, but I'm glad that you're ok!" Someone added that their heart broke for her while another expressed that they could hear the pain in her voice.

Bolton shared that it was great to have so many people interested in her story because she felt heard and seen for the first time. She continues to post about her life on social media, and some users have stated that her story should be turned into a documentary.

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