October 22, 2021

Builder Notices Elderly Man Watching Him Work Every Day and Makes a 'Deal' with Him

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A builder who started working at a construction site was surprised to see an elderly man sitting in his wheelchair, watching him work every day. As his curiosity piqued, he decided to strike up a conversation with him. 

There's something oddly satisfying about extending a helping hand, especially when the receiver didn't verbally ask for it but happens to be in dire need of immense support and encouragement. 

Some of the most worthwhile friendships are forged in the most unexpected of ways, and if their foundation is based on unconditional love and affection, they are likely to last a lifetime. 

A picture of the elderly man Harold sitting in his wheelchair near the construction site. | Photo:


Ohio's crane operator Shawn Beveridge didn't know a new and unlikely friendship awaited him while working on a site across from the nursing home in 2019. He shared the entire incident in a Facebook post. In the caption, he wrote:

"Since day 1 when I arrived on this job site I’ve noticed him sitting there every morning from 7am he takes lunch when we do and doesn’t leave until I shut the crane down and head out (sic)."

Every day on his work shift, Beveridge saw an old man named Harold who sat in his wheelchair, watching him and all the other workers doing their routine jobs. 


With time, the builder learned that Harold was actually a resident of the nursing home. He sat in his wheelchair, eating his lunch and leaving only after Beveridge was done working. One day, he decided to talk to the old man. He expressed: 

"Well after a couple days, I myself got curious, so I walked over and introduced myself to him. We had a long conversation, 2 and a half hours worth (sic)."

After chatting up with the old fellow, the builder discovered that his health was slowly deteriorating. Apparently, his heart valves were clogged, and a terrible disease was consuming him from within. 

Netizens leave heartfelt comments on the construction worker's emotional social media post about the old man. | Photo:


Harold also told Beveridge that he enjoyed watching him work, as it reminded him of the days when he was a crane operator. He had 2 daughters and a son, whom he hadn't seen for the last 7 years.

After learning about the elderly man's story, the construction worker was so deeply moved that he decided to strike up an unusual deal with him.

Beveridge told Harold that after finishing work every day, he would sit down with him and let him critique his work based on his 50 years of experience. In return, he promised to bring a morning coffee for the old friend and buy him lunch twice a week. 


Over time, the older man and Beveridge forged a friendship that brought them both sheer happiness and relief. Unfortunately, in a recent Facebook post, he confirmed the news of Harold's demise. The caption read:

"Harold, as you all knew had multiple health issues. He contracted covid and with the heart and other issues on top of it, he was unable to pull through (sic)."

Beveridge had apparently learned about Harold's death after he called the nursing home. He shared that the last time he met his dear old buddy was on April 12 this year.

Netizens leave heartfelt comments on the construction worker's emotional social media post about the old man. | Photo:

The builder also revealed that Harold's last words to him had sounded like he was saying goodbye. Beveridge shared that he was glad he got to know and be friends with such a kind man. Undoubtedly, this world could use more people like Harold and Beveridge. 


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