October 23, 2021

Passenger Gives up His First-Class Seat to Mom with Infant Who Has a Chronic Disease

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A man's simple act of kindness blew up online. Many netizens were in tears over his tiny yet explosive gesture towards the mother he helped, who was also bawling. 

Kelsey Zwick lives in Vienna, Virginia, seemingly with her partner Yuri Zwick. The mom has twin girls who seem to be suffering from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) with premature labor as one aspect of this disorder.

In 2018, when the mom boarded a flight, she walked in with one of these then-11-month-old daughters, Lucy, born early with a chronic lung condition. The mother also had an oxygen tank in hand for her child and a big diaper bag. 

Kelsey Zwick with her 11-month-old daughter Lucy [left]; Jason Kunselman [right.] | Source: Edition


Zwick struggled as she boarded the plane, flying from Orlando, Florida, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were on their way to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia).

Her 11-month-old could sense the beauty of the moment.

She had very little space in the specific area of the airplane she was sitting in, which was made worse by all her extra baggage. On top of that, the mom had to sit through a flight that could take over 2 hours. 


Fortunately for her, a Good Samaritan sitting in first class noticed her wrestling with her current situation. Taking to Facebook, Zwick shared that after she took her seat, the air hostess informed her that another individual in first class was exchanging seats with her. She wrote directly to the kind soul:

"The flight attendant came over and told me you were waiting to switch seats. You were giving up your comfortable, first-class seat."

The mother explained that she immediately began to tear up as she walked down to the more spacious and luxurious area of the American Airlines airplane. 


The mom expanded on the heart-touching experience, claiming that even her 11-month-old could sense the beauty of the moment. Zwick penned

"Lucy laughed! She felt it in her bones too... real, pure, goodness."

She explained that she tried to catch this mysterious individual at the gate after the flight to thank him, but unfortunately, she missed him. The post went utterly viral to the point where American Airlines contacted the unknown person, who turned out to be Jason Kunselman.



He explained that when they finally got in contact, the mother thanked him and emphasized that there should be more kindness in the world. The commenters on the post also praised Kunselman, with one writing

"God bless you 2d [the seat] what you did was a beautiful thing thank you."

Kelsey Zwick commenting on her own Facebook post along with another individual. | Source:


Many commenters expressed that they were brought to tears, with the post reaching just under 50 remarks, 900,000 reactions, and 600,000 shares. 

It is in these moments when one realizes what one tiny act of kindness can do. Not only can it brighten the day for one person, but the ripple effect can be more significant than you may even know. For Zwick, who most likely struggles daily due to her kids' TTTS, this meant the world. 


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