October 25, 2021

Girls Reject a Boy with Down Syndrome, Beautiful Girl Suddenly Asks Him for a Date

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Those with disabilities often feel excluded and ignored by society, treated by many as lesser than. However, one young man saw the possibility of a new world through a classmate's touching gesture. 

Seventeen-year-old Daniel Rivas from Arizona with Down Syndrome is determined not to let anything stop him. The teenager is set on becoming a chef and going to college. However, he was in low spirits after being turned down multiple times by girls he asked to a school dance. 

Daniel would have never known at the time that despite these rejections, he would soon enjoy the night of his life, with tons of surprises along the way. 


Daniel Rivas and Kylie Fronius hugging and smiling [left]; Daniel Rivas smiling with his hand over his face [right]. │Source: Las Vegas


Tenth-grader Kylie Fronius, who helped make this evening of wonder happen for the young man, claims that her actions were driven by her understanding that those with disabilities are not unequal compared to everyone else. Kylie expressed


"I don't see disabled people as different. They are just normal people who learn in a different way.”

This is why the young lady chose to surprise him with a large poster at their school asking him to the dance in 2016. The 17-year-old said yes, which left him happy and his mother Tonya Rivas crying with joy, as she revealed she felt speechless. 

Daniel Rivas giving his mother Tonya Rivas a kiss on the cheek. │Source: Las Vegas



The two got ready for the evening, both dressed to the nines. They had no idea what was about to happen. FOX5 Surprise Squad surprised them with a Rolls Royce so that they could travel to the dance with an extra dash of class. Rivas commented

"My mom [is] so happy for me."

However, it wasn't over, as the two were gifted with a pre-dinner at Bistro 57 at Aliante Casino Hotel Spa, leaving the young man tearing up. They were also welcomed into the dance with a red carpet as fellow schoolmates cheered them on from the sidelines. 

Daniel Rivas enjoying cake at Bistro 57 at Aliante Casino. │Source: Las Vegas



Throughout a night of celebratory dancing, the two received more gifts. One of these included Kylie being gifted with a stylish vehicle. Daniel received a scholarship in a heart-touching moment, bringing him one step closer to becoming a college student and chef. The young man expressed: 

"Very cool. My mom is so proud of me and my parents too." 


Tonya explained that she was in utter disbelief over the scholarship. The mom said that people usually tend to put limitations on her son because of his Down Syndrome.

However, with some support and a positive attitude, it is evident that the teen will make something great of his life. Kylie, Tonya, and most importantly, Daniel will remember this starry night for the rest of their lives. 


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