October 27, 2021

Man Refused to Give Sister Large Sum of Money for Wedding Resulting in a Quarrel – Life Story

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A mother of one wanted to get married and asked her brother to contribute to her wedding. However, her brother refused which resulted in a rift between the siblings.

We all know how expensive weddings can be and while some people save up to fund their weddings, others need assistance to lighten their burden and make their dreams come true.

Some believe that they would rather have a small ceremony with fewer guests to save than splurge on a big wedding they cannot afford.

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The Redditor RemarkableCrab3352 asked the community if she is a terrible person for getting angry at her brother because he had refused to contribute to her wedding.

The 23-year-old Original Poster (OP) revealed she is engaged to her 27-year-old fiancé. She is a mother to a four-year-old and cannot attend university full time because she is taking care of her daughter.

Woman getting engaged | Photo: Pexels


Even though she is trying to get a degree online, she said that combining studies with taking care of her daughter has not been easy.

Fortunately, her fiancé has been supportive and has been taking good care of the family. They have enough money to live comfortably, but OP insists they would have to save for years to have their dream wedding.

So instead, to achieve their dream, OP turned to her family for help. Her entire family agreed to chip in and help her have her dream wedding.

Woman asking family to contribute | Photo: Shutterstock


However, her brother refused to contribute the amount she has asked from him. Instead, her brother offered to give her five thousand pounds as part of his contribution to her big day.

However, OP believes her 28-year-old brother, who is a doctor, and his wife, who is also a doctor, are well off and should have no issue with her request for more money especially since they have no children.

Woman threatening not to invite her brother | Photo: Pexels


She told her brother that his refusal to contribute to her wedding was selfish and in a fit of rage threatened to uninvite him from the wedding. 

She has since stopped returning his calls because they keep arguing over the issue but her father believes she has been too harsh on her brother especially since he offered her an alternative. 

But OP firmly believes her brother could afford more than what he offered and demands he gives her at least twenty thousand pounds because his offer was too low and surprised her.

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Now, her father is upset and told the OP that if she does not invite her brother to her wedding, he would be angry with her. However, OP does not believe she has done anything wrong. One user said,

"Yta lmao He offered you money, and he didn't have to. You're entitled 😂"

Another user believed that twenty thousand pounds was a great budget. The user went on to say they know people who have spent under ten thousand pounds for their wedding and had an amazing time.

Couple enjoying their wedding boat ride | Photo: Pexels


One user who had a somewhat lavish wedding in an expensive area had spent less than ten thousand pounds. They had gotten married and even had a boat ride. The user went on to say,

"If she's expecting £20,000 from her brother AND she's getting money from other family members, then she's got an absolutely obscene budget and is dreaming a lot bigger than her circumstances allow."

Most commenters were shocked that she would demand such a large amount from her brother and others insisted that she should save up for the wedding if she wanted something that expensive.

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One user revealed that they would max out their wedding budget for next year at five thousand five hundred pounds. They plan to have a small and intimate event.

They added that they would never understand how OP could spend over thirty thousand pounds on one day when the average salary in their region is about twenty-two thousand pounds.

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