The Waltons' Judy Norton Posed for Playboy & Is a Doting Mom - Inside Her Life after the Show

Olawale Ogunjimi
Oct 26, 2021
01:20 P.M.

Judy Norton, the innocent and loveable teenager who became a household name following her 1972 feature on "The Waltons," once starred as a playboy model and is now a doting mom with an inspiring lifestyle.


Judy Norton found fame after she featured on the classic hit series "The Waltons," which aired from 1972 to 1981. She stuck with the family drama throughout its nine seasons and more than two hundred episodes.

As the years went by, the actress began to get fewer roles, so she honed in on her creativity to provide content for TV, instead of acting.

A picture of “The Waltons'” Judy Norton, on a scene from the show. | Photo: youtube.com/venus1112

A picture of “The Waltons'” Judy Norton, on a scene from the show. | Photo: youtube.com/venus1112

The former child star went ahead to establish an impressive feat by having the credibility of working in front and behind the camera. She recently produced and wrote a psychological thriller titled "Inclusion Criteria."

Norton is impressed with her achievements and has people who support her. For her movie, "Inclusion Criteria," Norton got great reviews from movie critics and some friends from "The Waltons," who commended her for a good job.

A portrait of the cast of "The Waltons" on January 1, 1977 | Photo: Getty Images

A portrait of the cast of "The Waltons" on January 1, 1977 | Photo: Getty Images

The "The Waltons" stars have always shown love and support for one another even after the show ended, and they maintained genuine relationships for over three decades.

Although in 2017, some of the cast members admitted that the kids on the show were never appreciated by the studios and were treated poorly compared to the adults, this never got in the way of how they related with one another.

Judy Norton attends Day 1 of the Chiller Theatre Expo at Sheraton Parsippany Hotel on October 24, 2014  | Photo: Getty Images

Judy Norton attends Day 1 of the Chiller Theatre Expo at Sheraton Parsippany Hotel on October 24, 2014 | Photo: Getty Images



In the beginning, the child star captured the hearts of many with her innocent beauty, bright mind, and impressive acting skills. However, after her time on the "The Waltons," getting roles became a bit of a challenge.

Having earned quite a reputation following her decade-long experience onscreen, the then 27-year-old was not happy with the update. Although she gained fame during her time on "The Waltons," her longevity on the show limited her options.

With no significant work at hand, Norton sought advice from some career experts who told her to switch things up, which they vowed would advance her career.


The actress trusted their words of wisdom when they had advised her to feature in a playboy magazine. Norton graced the cover of a playboy magazine in 1984 but was met with great disappointment.

After the shoot, her horrors of being confined to the show persisted as the stunt did not work as predicted. Norton did not get major roles, nor did she become more famous. Instead, many thought she was too desperate and were alarmed at the good girl gone bad switch.


Despite people's perspectives, the actress struggled, became persistent and finally outgrew the child star jinx, making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She became an accomplished onscreen goddess, singer, writer, and director. Norton also created a family, including a husband and a son, after several divorces. She is a doting mom, who is enjoying her achievements and making new memories that will last forever!



These days, the actress talks about her lifestyle through her online posts. She also talks about her past choices, with the aim to help people navigate their lives for the better.

One of Norton's past mistakes has influenced her decision to advise younger entertainers openly. "The Waltons" alum confessed that she regrets appearing on the 1984 playboy cover and would like young women to learn from her experience.


Additionally, the former child star explained that aspiring actresses should never try too hard to prove a point that puts their integrity on the line because it never works.

One essential lesson from the story is trusting personal instincts rather than relying on what others suggest or think. Norton maintained that she would never have come up with such a solution but is happy and has learned to believe in herself more.



Judy Norton became familiar with TV at the early age of six when she featured in works like "Felony Squad." At thirteen, she already appeared in a few gigs, but this all began with a burning desire to showcase her talent.

Norton was born in 1958 and is a native of Santa Monica, California. She grew up to find onscreen features interesting; the actress was also keen on singing, and she portrayed it during her younger years by recording a CD with "The Waltons" cast in 1999.



One of the first men that caught Norton's eyes was the guy who played her onscreen brother, Richard Thomas, on the set of "The Waltons." She admitted to having feelings for him, but it ended at that. The pair remained great friends, and no love affair transpired between them.

At age 18, she fell in love again, and this time, she decided to marry the man of her dreams, Douglas Taylor. They were together for two years and had no child.


Shortly after her divorce, after blossoming into adulthood, Norton exchanged vows with husband number two. He was a football player.

Again, Norton divorced him and married a third husband named Randy Apostle. The couple stuck together for about a decade and had a son, Devin.

A few months after her third marriage hit the rocks, the actress found another Mr. Right, Robert Graves, who seems to have proven to be the right man for her. They have been together for decades and currently live in the outskirts of California.



Norton may have a lot on her plate, considering her padded resumè, but she still has time for her family. The mother of one often spends time with her son, Devin and dotes on him, as is evident online.

A year ago, when Devin turned 24, the proud mom shared a throwback of mother and son acting playful as they enjoyed each other's company, then added the caption:

"Hard to believe he turned 24 today! Where does the time go??"


Like her numerous onscreen roles, the actress has boldly taken on that of parenting but confessed that it could be challenging. While speaking to Lifestyle Magazine TV, she explained that before she hopped on that boat, she was critical of other parents and would rat out their imperfections.

However, after experiencing motherhood, she saw how tasking it is and felt bad for being a former parent critic. Alan Thicke, who was also on the show, once shared his parenting style and agreed with "The Waltons" alum.


He explained that being a parent makes you feel guilty of many things, but it is all different when one advances to grandparenthood, which for him is "guilt-free."

Judy Norton might have made a mistake during her teenage years. Still, her ability to overcome the critics, build herself and later become a profound entertainer is inspiring, making her one of the most passionate Hollywood stars and an incredible woman!

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