October 27, 2021

Boy Who Was Bullied for Noticeable Tooth Defect Gets New Smile Thanks to Strangers' Kindness

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Although beauty is an inside job, many individuals don't understand this, so they take the time to hurt those not considered conventionally attractive. This left one boy in an extremely dark place. 

Twelve-year-old Evan from New Zealand had a tooth defect which was not only an aesthetic issue but led to difficulty with talking and closing his mouth. The young boy was also picked on quite heavily because of his teeth. He expressed

"They call me a bunny rabbit and I'm not."

He and his family wanted him to get surgery to fix his teeth but lacked the money. Evan also didn't qualify for the procedure under the free dental health care system in his country. 




Luckily, news program "Campbell Live" made a plan, raising more than enough money, and the young boy was able to have his teeth fixed in 2017. His mother, Barbara Erickson, commented


"I don't know where we would have been today without the generosity we had."

The mom revealed that before this glorious incident, she and her family were considering mortgaging their house. She expressed excitement over being able to see her son with his new look. 



The original monetary goal to help Evan sat at $12,000. However, the news program managed to bring in much more than that. Therefore, this extra capital was given to other families whose children need dental care but struggle with the money aspect. 

Now, this young man's inner beauty can shine on the outside with his new and improved smile. The bullies, on the other hand, are probably sporting frowns. 

Students at Camino Real Middle School gather to escort a seventh-grade student to class. | Source:



The kind hearts of these strangers in reaction to bullying reflects in many people. At Camino Real Middle School, over 100 students gathered recently to escort a young woman bullied at the education center.  

The 7th-grade Muslim student was picked on for wearing a hijab. One individual allegedly taunted this young lady with a joke about 9/11, with one even purportedly attempting to pull off her traditional headscarf. 

Students at Camino Real Middle School gather to escort a seventh-grade student to class. | Source:



Brittany Johnson, a special education teacher, heard about these incidents and chose to take action. She spoke to the student council and leadership class, who made a plan to tackle this. 

The next day, around 100 students, including those from the football and volleyball teams, the student council, and the leadership class, escorted the young lady to all her classes. 

This gesture of kindness and the strangers' generous donations towards Evan prove that most individuals are good-hearted. They are ready to take action against anyone who tries to put their fellow human beings down. 


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