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October 28, 2021

Restaurant Owner's Daughter Mocks Girl Whose Mom Works as a Dishwasher and Feeds Her Leftovers – Story of the Day

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Grace’s father owned a fancy restaurant where Sarah’s mother worked as a dishwasher. Sarah often helped her mother after school and ate leftovers in the kitchen, so Grace bullied her. But the tables turned for Grace, and she learned a huge lesson.

From a young age, Grace knew that her father was wealthy. He owned several of the best restaurants in Denver, Colorado, including one called La Verrerie. She always got everything she ever wanted as a child, and her friends were all daughters of privilege as well.

However, they went to a public school because their district had one of the best education systems in the country, and Grace studied with people from all backgrounds like Sarah. Sarah’s mother, Deanna, worked as a dishwasher in La Verrerie.


Deanna worked as a dishwasher at Mr. Hastings' restaurant. | Source: Shutterstock

Deanna was also a single mother, and Sarah was a good kid. She often went to the restaurant after school and helped out wherever she could. But she mostly stayed in the kitchen corner doing her homework, and Deanna often scored her some leftovers.


They didn’t have a lot of money, but Sarah didn’t care, until Grace discovered the truth about her mother. She told all the other girls at school, and they bullied her mercilessly for years. “The only thing she has to eat is leftovers!” Grace laughed at Sarah’s expense.

“Ugh! Grace, you should tell your dad that Sarah’s mom is probably stealing food for their house because they are so poor,” another girl said mockingly.

Sarah didn’t say a word because she feared that Grace would go to her father and cause trouble. So she took their bullying and never told anyone about it. But Little did Sarah know that Grace’s Dad, Alex Hastings, was a good man who had offered Deanna her job and told her to take leftovers whenever she needed them .


Sarah was bullied for being poor. | Source: Pexels

When the girls reached high school, things started to change. One of Mr. Hastings' restaurants was shut down due to tax evasion, and it caused a massive scandal in the city. The rest of his businesses closed as well during the federal investigation.


Once Grace’s friends discovered what happened, they dropped her from their group as she was no longer beneficial to their popularity. Mr. Hastings was accused of several things, including money laundering, but even Deanna didn’t believe it.

“Mr. Hastings is a good man, Sarah. He would never do something like that,” Deanna told Sarah when the young teenager asked her about it. She was practicing her baking skills at the time.

Deanna didn't believe what the news said about Mr. Hastings. | Source: Pexels


“But you lost your job, and if the police are involved, there might be some truth to it. I’m 15 years old, Mom. I’ve read what they are saying online,” Sarah argued.

“It’s all lies, honey. Sometimes, in the real world, you trust the wrong people and bam! Everything you ever worked for is gone in a second,” Deanna explained. “I’m sure someone is trying to frame Mr. Hastings.”

Regardless, Hastings’ reputation in Denver had taken a huge hit, and so did Grace, who often sat alone in the cafeteria after. One day, Sarah was late for lunch, and everyone else had left except for the girl who had bullied her for years.

“Hey, why are you stilling sitting here?” Sarah wondered.


Sarah saw Grace alone in the empty cafeteria. | Source: Unsplash

“What? Oh… Sarah… Nothing, I’m just thinking. I don’t want to go to class with everyone judging me and gossiping about my dad’s case,” Grace replied softly. It was the first time both girls had ever spoken to each other directly.


“Did you eat anything?” Sarah continued.

Grace looked at the table in shame. “My dad’s accounts were frozen, and there’s not a lot of food in the house right now. There… are you happy?” she snapped.

“Why would I be happy about that?” Sarah asked, confused.

“Because I mocked you for being poor, and now, the tables have turned. How’s your mom doing? I’m genuinely asking,” Grace clarified.

“Yes. You were a huge bully. But I think you’ve learned your lesson already. Mom’s actually doing fine. She got another job as an assistant cook, and they’re training her to become a chef,” Sarah replied. “Do you want some of my lunch?”


Sarah gave Grace her lunch. | Source: Unsplash

Grace looked up at Sarah in surprise. “Are you doing this out of pity? Because I don’t need it!” she sneered, prideful.


“It’s not pity. It’s empathy. You’re hungry, so eat this. We don’t have to be friends,” Sarah stated, left the lunch on the table, and walked away.

Despite her words, she and Grace slowly started a friendship in the following days. Grace couldn’t believe how friendly Sarah was, even after all these years she bullied her. Sarah even invited her to her house, where Deanna cooked them some amazing things.

“Your father is going to get out of this situation soon. The investigators will find the truth, and your father will be alright. Don’t you worry, dear,” Deanna told Grace and padded her cheek.

They were best friends through the rest of high school. | Source: Pexels


A few months later, Deanna was proven right. Mr. Hastings was cleared. Investigations revealed it was his business manager who was the real criminal. He stole money and failed to file taxes for the restaurants.

It took a while before they could open one of the locations again, but Mr. Hastings did it. Then he hired Deanna as a line cook for La Verrerie, but eventually, she worked her way up to chef.

Grace and Sarah became best friends all through high school. Grace apologized to everyone she had ever bullied, especially those who didn’t come from money.

What can we learn from this story?


  • Never mock those who don’t have the same things as you do. No one is less-than just because they don’t have as much money as you.
  • The tables can quickly turn. You can be in an advantageous position one day and lose it the next day. You never know what can happen, so stay humble.

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