October 29, 2021

Man Decided to Check His Shed and Realized Someone Was Living in There – Life Story

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When the man peeked inside the shed in his backyard, he was terrified. He instantly realized why his dogs were sniffing and barking in front of the shed since a couple of weeks. 

A Reddit user named CrispitoDay shared that he lived with his wife and two dogs in a duplex. He shared the property with another guy living in a separate house.

Their houses had a shared laundry room which led to two separate backyards. OP (Original Poster) was living happily with his wife and dogs until he received a strange text from his neighbor. 

Source: Amomama


The man texted him that someone had stolen his bike from the laundry room. OP found it strange because the room was surrounded by brick walls and many trees, making it impossible for someone to break in.

One day, OP went into his backyard with his dogs and noticed they were sniffing near the shed. He thought it must be a lizard and didn't pay attention.

When the sniffing continued for more than two weeks, OP decided to peek into the shed. To his horror, his neighbor's bike was parked inside.

OP's shed | Source: Unsplash


At first, he thought his wife had stolen the bike but then realized she wouldn't do it because she doesn't like riding bikes. He stepped inside the shed and discovered a sleeping bag tucked behind a box. 

When he unfolded the sleeping bag, he found a small sack filled with money. It was $20 of coins and cash. He also discovered a garbage bag full of wrappers and realized who stole the bike. He wrote:

"Eventually my brain accepted what it was ultimately denying at first and put two and two together. Someone, I don’t know who, is living in my shed."

He peeked inside the shed | Source: Unsplash


After the scary realization, OP left everything as it was and stepped out of the shed. He wanted to find out who the person was and why they left their stuff in his shed.

After listening to OP's story, she instantly solved the mystery.

After thinking for a while, OP figured out that the person must have entered using the spare keys hidden in his backyard. He quickly found the key and locked the shed.

He picked the keys | Source: Unsplash


OP decided to get cameras installed so he could catch the culprit. That night, he filed a non-emergency report and slept with a baseball bat next to him. He also told his neighbor to be prepared for the worst. He promised to also keep Redditors updated as things change or if he found out who the person is. Redditor PataMadre replied saying:

"I know a lot of folks are saying call the police but maybe call a shelter or someone who is experienced with dealing with people facing housing insecurity?"

Many other users had similar suggestions so OP followed their advice and got in touch with some shelters and people who work with the homeless community. 


He got in touch with multiple people | Source: Unsplash

After repeating the same story several times, OP finally met Susan who was able to help with his situation. She managed to solve the mystery instantly. 


She asked him if he found wrappers of party mix bite muffins in the shed. When he replied he saw ten of them, Susan was sure it was Old Man Dan.

Susan explained that Old Man Dan was a homeless Vietnam veteran who suffered from multiple mental illnesses but was never violent. 

He was a homeless man | Source: Unsplash


He was fond of switching places so no one could find where he was. The only clue he left was wrappers of party mix muffins that he shoplifted from local grocery stores. 

Susan knew most of his hideout spots, so OP asked her to take his belongings from the shed. He added some coins from his money bank into the sack and handed it over to Susan along with the sleeping bag.

OP returned the bike to his neighbor and decided to move out. Another user named endorrawitch shared a similar story of a man who once ran a successful business but then left it halfway. 

A successful man who became homeless | Source: Unsplash


Bar owners hired him for odd jobs and offered him to live in the bar but the man never accepted a permanent place to stay. The Redditor wrote:

"Guys, he rode out Hurricane Ivan in the Flora Bama!! They had to dig down to the doors through the sand to get him out.

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