Woman Drops Phone While Calling Police after Someone Knocked on Her Window at Night

Rita Kumar
Oct 30, 2021
02:00 A.M.

After a tedious night shift, a Redditor returned to her rented apartment suite and fell asleep. Around half-past 3 in the morning, she heard a strange knock on the window near her bed and freaked out.


In the summer of 2021, Redditor Venessa55555 worked some graveyard shifts as she was drowning in student debt. Working extra hours through the night meant less rest for her. On one rare instance, she headed to the basement suite in her apartment to rest, but the night took a creepy turn.

The Original Poster (OP) was sound asleep. Somewhere between half-past three and four in the morning when a loud sound awakened her. OP freaked out. It sounded as though her neighbor had dropped something on the floor.

OP drops her phone in fear | Photo: Amomama

OP drops her phone in fear | Photo: Amomama

OP was drowsy and badly wanted to go back to sleep. Her apartment had flimsy walls, and she was convinced the sound came from the neighborhood. However, she was wrong. She explained:


“After about 10 minutes of laying there with my eye closed, I hear the sound again. But this time, I’m pretty much awake, so I recognize what the sound is immediately.”

OP realized she wasn't alone, and someone was knocking on her window. She had no clue who it was and froze on the bed because she didn't want whoever was out there to know she was in there.

OP freezes on her bed | Photo: Unsplash

OP freezes on her bed | Photo: Unsplash

She stared at the window helplessly as the knocking persisted. It was a fight or flight situation, and OP realized she couldn't wait there, hoping she was safe. She added:

“I instantly bold up as my fight or flight kicks in and run to the front door, which has my keys with my pepper spray on it. The keys clink together and make a noticeable noise, and the knocking starts to get more intense and loud.”


OP hadn't realized the window by her bed was almost open. She'd forgotten to lock it, and that's when she really panicked. She was anxious and decided to call the police.

OP clumsily takes her phone to dial 911 | Photo: Unsplash

OP clumsily takes her phone to dial 911 | Photo: Unsplash

In her state of panic, she dropped her phone on the ground. Whoever was at her window then slid their fingernails or a sharp object down the screen on her window.

Even the buses around her neighborhood don’t run after 3 a.m. OP grew suspicious with time and called her landlord.

OP realized the person was trying to scare her because the window was open, so they could have jumped in if they wanted to. Without further thought, the panic-stricken Redditor rushed to the window and slammed it shut without looking outside.

OP realizes the window by her bed is slightly open | Photo: Unsplash

OP realizes the window by her bed is slightly open | Photo: Unsplash

For the next half an hour, OP didn't hear any knocking. She sighed in relief and headed back to bed. She couldn't understand the nightmarish incident from the previous night in the morning. She added:

“So, I go outside and investigate, and I see an empty beer bottle and a ripped blanket. I text my only friend that knows where I live and ask them if they were [expletive] with me.”

OP realized it wasn't her friend as they lived pretty far away. Even the buses around her neighborhood don't run after 3 a.m., so she grew suspicious and called her landlord.

OP spots an empty beer bottle outside her suite | Photo: Pixabay

OP spots an empty beer bottle outside her suite | Photo: Pixabay


To her dismay, her landlord told her to ignore it, saying it had happened previously. However, she realized she should've handled the situation wisely, trusted her gut, and called the police.

After reading her post, user BigDaddysLady agreed that OP should've called the cops. The person shared a similar incident that happened to their brother's wife, explaining:

“I don’t know if he was ever caught, but I demanded and received an upstairs apartment immediately after. I was sleeping in the bathtub with my dog and gun until I moved upstairs.”

OP was relieved as nobody knocked on her window again | Photo: Unsplash

OP was relieved as nobody knocked on her window again | Photo: Unsplash

Redditor thesonofGodsaves' comment read: "Lol. Next time just open the window all the way, then hose them down with some bright red spray paint. Slam the window shut, then call the coppers. Tell 'em they're looking for a spray-painted bandit."

OP claimed that nobody knocked on her window again but admitted that the incident was horrifying. She decided not to move but hoped she doesn't meet the creepy stranger again.

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