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Friends Watch Footage from Their Night Camping and Realize They Were Not Alone

Lois Oladejo
Aug 25, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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Two campers made a shocking discovery after playing back the footage from their night in the wild. It turned out there was something lurking in the shadows.


A night of camping on the hills could be fun, but at the same time, it gives room for potential creepy occurrences. Two campers learned that in the most disturbing way, sharing the encounter on TikTok.

User @carterbooth took to the video-sharing platform to recount an eerie incident that took place during his night of camping with a friend.

Photo of a camp fire in the hills | Photo: tiktok.com/carterbooth


He narrated how they went camping alone and spent the night in each other's company, only to realize later on that they were far from being alone. They made the discovery while watching a video captured during their fun night.

The clip showed a guy breaking firewood by wedging it on his leg to feed the campfire blazing on the pebbled ground. The camera then panned upward, capturing a set of pine trees before settling on the oddly-shaped rocks surrounding them.

Right between the rocks was the shadowy frame of two humans, slightly hidden from view as they peered at the campers. Although the clip was not clear enough to make out their faces, they could easily pass for men, given their structure. The poster included the caption: "Never been so disturbed. #fyp #creepy #camping."


Photo of a guy breaking firewood by wedging it on his leg to feed the campfire | Photo: TikTok / carterbooth

Many TikTokers reacted to the video, which has garnered over 260,000 likes and millions of views. While most couldn't figure out the poster's creepy discovery due to the video's fast pace and poor lighting, many found the discovery disturbing and scary.


Reacting to the post, a TikToker wrote: "This literally creeped me out! Glad y'all are safe." Some tried figuring out what they should look out for in the video, with a TikTok user writing:

"I don't see what caused this to be disturbing. I've watched it a dozen or more times. Please tell me where I should look for it."

Most people tried explaining the mystery, saying that they could see at least one man once they watched the video more carefully, preferably at a slower pace, and paused at the right time.


Others pointed out there were, in fact, two people, with the second man wearing a hoodie while almost completely hidden by the rocks. A comment read: "If you download the video, at roughly 7 seconds in, you can see a man at the top of the rocks and maybe another down in the rock area."

One TikToker swore they could see at least three persons lurking in the shadows, watching the campers, which made the encounter more disturbing.

Meanwhile, most users simply made a joke out of the situation, implying it was a third friend they forgot to invite, or perhaps the villainous Michael Meyers waiting for the right time to strike. Some even dismissed the footage as a mere prank.


A user's comment on the viral post | Photo: TikTok / carterbooth

One wrote: "I'm not sure this wasn't staged. Why would they turn the camera up suddenly? Hmmm.. so many staged things these days, and I'm not convinced."

Staged or not, the camping video was sure creepy enough to give one the jitters and probably trigger prospective campers to strike the outdoor activity off their list, as most TikTokers resolved to do after seeing the video.