youtube.com/CBS Sacramento
Source: youtube.com/CBS Sacramento

Viral TikTok Video Helps Police Arrest Attacker in a Freeway Shooting

Dayna Remus
Jul 20, 2021
08:30 A.M.
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It was a typical day for Razvan Glavan, who was driving his brand new Tesla. Unfortunately, a fellow motorist had something else in mind, allegedly blowing out the victim's window with an unidentified object.


On June 29, 2021, in Sacramento, California, 42-year-old Jose Eliseo Capacho Bonilla was arrested. He has been accused of shooting at Razvan Glavan's Tesla car on the freeway.

The vehicle's cameras caught the incident and also recorded the number of the SUV's license plate. Calling for anyone who has information on the incident, the clip has since gone viral on the social media platform TikTok.

Man who shot at Razvan Glavan's vehichle, suspected to be Jose Eliseo Capacho Bonilla, looking out of a car window next to picture of the victim wearing glasses | Source: youtube.com/CBS Sacramento


The video showed the accused driving right next to Glavan's vehicle and shattering the Tesla's window by shooting an unidentified device. The car owner stated that he had just bought the vehicle, expressing:

"When I got home and downloaded all the footage I'm like 'Let me try to play back everything. I want to see if, did I cut him off or what happened?'"

The victim explained that he found nothing there indicating why this other driver may have chosen to damage his new Tesla. He stated that there was glass everywhere as a result of the incident.


The California Highway Patrol implemented a search warrant. As a result, Bonilla was found fast asleep in the SUV vehicle caught on the Tesla's camera, where officers identified several homemade apparatus.

This included devices such as several BBs and devices that seem to be have been made for firing shooting projectiles. The accused is now in custody, facing several charges.

Razvan Glavan talking while wearing glasses. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Sacramento


In a similar story, 69-year-old Lois Lynn McNicoll from San Clemente, California, was arrested through the assistance of an online post. She has been accused of involvement in the US Capitol storming in January of this year.

The Department of Public Social Services employee spotted what is purportedly a Facebook clip documenting the storming of the building. This was originally an ABC News clip then shared by Eyewitness News.

Donald Trump Supporters leaving the US Capitol building. | Source: facebook.com/ABC7


Speaking to a special FBI agent, McNicoll purportedly revealed that she attended Trump's speech on January 6, 2021. The affidavit reportedly stated that she said:

"[She] marched to the Capitol with a large group... entering through doors that had already been forced open.''

The accused has accumulated multiple charges. This includes threatening and disorderly behavior within the Capitol grounds and entering and remaining on these grounds illegally.


Another woman was apprehended by the police at a McDonald's drive-through. This was after the 38-year-old, Johanna Gardell, reportedly stole a vehicle, leading to a police chase.

After a lengthy chase, law enforcement eventually came across her ordering food at a fast-food chain, taking her into custody. Just like Bonilla and McNicoll, it seems like Gardell also couldn't outrun the law.


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