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Police Arrest Woman Who Led Them on a Chase as She Ordered Food in Drive-Thru

Dayna Remus
Jul 15, 2021
06:20 A.M.
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All one needs while being actively pursued by the police and harming one of them is to stop and replenish. This is what one woman did as officers arrested her while she ordered food at McDonald's.


In Massachusetts, a 38-year-old-woman, Johanna Gardell, led local law enforcement on a chase after stealing a vehicle. They eventually managed to apprehend her on the premises of a McDonald's store.

This individual, who is now facing many charges, was tracked down for allegedly obtaining a pick-up truck illegally. As a police officer made their way to the stolen vehicle which the woman was in, Gardell drove off.

Police vehicles driving on the street among other vehicles. | Source: pixabay.com/efess


The officers followed the 38-year-old, who drove on the wrong side of the road while making her way through red lights. Eventually, the police claim, she consequentially struck a van.

Law enforcement stated that they attempted to remove her from the vehicle, but she reversed the truck, striking a cruiser while hitting and pulling a detail officer along with her. The officer is said to have only incurred minor injuries.


They pursued her slowly but eventually stopped, citing security reasons. Shortly after, Gardell struck a cruiser once again; this time it was when officers were following her on a McDonald's property - a press release stating:

"She intentionally struck one of the vehicles but went off the road and got her vehicle stuck in the mulch on McDonald’s property."

The alleged thief had purportedly stopped at this chain's drive-through to order fast food. The police then stated that they apprehended her at this McDonald's.


Gardell supposedly chose to turn the arrest into a challenging endeavor. According to the officers, she attempted to fight them off as they tried to remove her from the truck.

This past May, they [law enforcement] found 150 missing or runaway kids.

The Worcester Police Department listed the different legal allegations filed against her. This includes using a vehicle with authorization and traffic violations, just to name two.


Many of these alleged criminals are dying for fast food. In Houston, Texas, Renaldo Dechaume Leonard was apprehended by law enforcement while attempting to order food at a Jack in the Box restaurant.

The police claimed they arrested the 36-year-old for stealing an ambulance. The said criminal allegedly did so while paramedics were on duty at a nearby apartment building.

The individual was reportedly accused of felony theft. Leonard was also held on a $100,000 bond while being held in custody without incident.


In a similar story in North Carolina, law enforcement tracked down much more than just one person. This past May, they found 150 missing or runaway kids through what was referred to as "Operation Carolina Homecoming."

They stated that many of the juveniles were or had been involved in activities that are considered high-risk, such as prostitution. Unlike Gardell or Leonard, these young individuals were most likely grateful to have been found.


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