McDonald's Employee Notices Man Dubiously Talking to Little Girl and Inviting Her to Play Outside

Salwa Nadeem
Nov 08, 2021
01:40 A.M.

A McDonald's employee took it to Reddit after witnessing a tall man trying to kidnap a cute little girl. The details of the incident shocked other users and they poured in their suggestions for the employee.


He could sense the malicious intentions of the strange man from behind the counter. When the man asked the little girl a question, he realized what was happening in the crowded restaurant.

The employee sprang into action but was surprised when he approached the man. Other users suggested what else he could have done at that moment.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


A Reddit user named cruleings revealed he worked as an employee at a McDonald's branch located in a small town. He confessed he had witnessed several strange things while working behind the counter, but this incident blew his mind. He explained:

"I saw something today that I thought I would never see and was shocked at how many people didn't notice (or didn't care about) what was taking place right next to them."

One day, OP (Original Poster) was dealing with the customers like he did every day. Many people were stepping in that day, and there was a pool of kids in the lobby.

It was a busy day at McDonald's | Source: Unsplash

It was a busy day at McDonald's | Source: Unsplash


Since OP loved kids, he watched them play until he had to turn back to the counter because of the rush. After fifteen minutes of dealing with the customers, OP turned back and heard something strange.

She screamed, "Hey! Where are you guys going? Get over here!"

"So, how old are you?" someone asked while whispering. It was a tall, bald man wearing a red t-shirt. He was talking to a little blond girl while a boy sat on his shoulders.

It was a bald guy in a red shirt | Source: Unsplash

It was a bald guy in a red shirt | Source: Unsplash


OP was sure something was not right here. Despite the man being friendly with the kids and making them laugh, OP was worried because it seemed like they didn't know each other. At this point, OP heard something that made his heart sink:

"You should come with me now, I have a little brother who's six too, let's go play with him."

The girl agreed to tag along with the man, and they had started walking towards the main door when OP left his customers and darted across the floor to stop the man.

He saw the man leaving with the kids | Source: Unsplash

He saw the man leaving with the kids | Source: Unsplash


When OP reached the door, he heard a woman shout from behind. It was the children's mother who had just stepped out of the bathroom. She screamed:

"Hey! Where are you guys going? Get over here!"

The man froze in his tracks with his eyes wide open while the mother hugged her daughter and pulled her son to get him down. He allowed the children to go and said he was just playing with the kids with a nervous smile on his face.

She saw the man taking her children | Source: Unsplash

She saw the man taking her children | Source: Unsplash


OP noticed the woman passed a fake smile to the man while her kids stood by her side. He had sensed that the woman wanted to humiliate the man for trying to kidnap her children. Instead, she said:

"Oh, well I'm glad you had a nice time but we need to order now."

She took her kids towards the counter while the man quickly left the restaurant. The woman was so scared that she kept her children close to her even while they had their meals.

She held her children close to her | Source: Unsplash

She held her children close to her | Source: Unsplash


While posting the story online, OP wrote that he would call the cops if he saw the man again in the restaurant because he believed the man could have kidnapped the kids if he didn't intervene.

He also felt that it was partly the mother's fault because she left her kids unattended in a crowded space. Other users shared their opinions after reading OP's terrifying stories.

One user suggested OP file a police complaint against the man because they were sure the man had also tried kidnapping other children. OP liked the idea and agreed to follow his advice.

OP responded to other people's comments | Source: Unsplash

OP responded to other people's comments | Source: Unsplash

Another user, a mother, felt disturbed to know that the woman left her children unattended. She felt young children should never be left alone.

Most users praised OP for intervening and saving the children from the strange man. If you liked this story, you might like this one about a man who decided to check his shed and realized someone was living there.

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