10-Year-Old Gets Bullied for His Halloween Costume but Decides to Make a Strong Comeback

Dayna Remus
Nov 06, 2021
02:00 A.M.

One young boy went to school dressed as his favorite superhero, only to be attacked and left sobbing. However, following in the footsteps of his beloved Tony Stark, Evan chose to make a bold move, showing that heroes don't always wear capes.


This past Halloween, 10-year-old Evan transformed himself into the coolheaded, witty Tony Stark, complete with a snazzy waistcoat, fashion-forward sunglasses, and a drawn-on goatee. Sharing pictures on Facebook of her son posing with attitude before going to school, his mother penned:

"I hope his school is ready for this guy. He only answers to 'Tony' or. 'Mr. Stark.'"

This mom cutely explained that the young Avengers founder wanted her to drive him to school in her Mercedez. Unfortunately, this little billionaire had to lower his standards and ride the bus, Jill Struckman joked.

Evan dressed up as Tony Stark [left]; Evan in tears [right]. │Source: facebook.com/jill.struckman

Evan dressed up as Tony Stark [left]; Evan in tears [right]. │Source: facebook.com/jill.struckman


Entering Missouri elementary school confidently, Mr. Stark was looking forward to the day. Sadly, some of his fellow classmates didn't approve of his costume, leaving Evan in tears.


The staff chose to call his mom, who came to pick him up, sharing a picture of her son on Facebook, looking shattered. The 10-year-old was so distraught that he had abandoned his persona completely, wiping off the signature Stark goatee.

Struckman took Evan to get frappuccinos and talk about the incident. Even though he was distressed, the young boy decided that Iron Man would make a comeback and return to school.


Although a little scared, he put his glasses back on, retouched his mustache, and walked straight back into the school. This time around, people at the school responded positively to Evan; the mother said:


"He got a lot of positive attention right away... and by the time he got off the bus later that day, he was just happy as could be."

The proud mom reported that her son learned from this experience that he should never hurt other individuals in any way. She expressed that his choice to go back made her incredibly proud.


After all the positive attention and support she received online while sharing Evan's story, Struckman wrote another post, thanking everyone for their compassion. The Facebook user penned:

"[I] just want you to know I am humbled by the kindness and I’ve read all your messages."


The post has gone viral, accumulating just over 1000 comments. Many individuals remarked on what a wonderful mother Struckman is and complimented her son's Halloween costume.

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by Jill Struckman. │Source: facebook.com/jill.struckman

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by Jill Struckman. │Source: facebook.com/jill.struckman



Since the incident, Struckman has spoken out about the importance of having conversations surrounding bullying. The mom also expressed:

"The messages of pure love and support from around the world have shown Evan (and us) that there are far more kind people in this world than there are bullies."

Kind or not, this young Mr. Stark has learned that the opinions of others don't matter either way. As his hero once said, "Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever you were gonna do anyway."

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