November 06, 2021

Adopted Woman Pursuing Adoption Is Defrauded by Birth Mother Who Wants Couple to Buy Her a Home

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Many of us get to see the beautiful side of adoption, from the parents meeting their new baby to taking them home. However, it can be a tasking journey. In one couple's case, they faced a devastating setback. 

Due to infertility issues, in 2017, KellyAnne Bultemeier and her partner decided to adopt. In 2019, Bultemeier made an Instagram post about the tumultuous journey, which partially read

"We officially did IVF 28 months ago, initiated the adoption process 78 weeks ago, and have been in the adoption pool waiting to match with a birth mom 365 days."

KellyAnne Bultemeier as a baby with her adoptive parents [left]; KellyAnne Bultemeier with her biological family [right]. │Source:

However, the couple's luck was about to change. Going through an adoption agency, they matched with a mother in April of 2020 and immediately began planning their adoption. 


However, when the due date was closing in on them, the birth mother began acting strangely. They were eventually informed that this mom was receiving funds from many sources and families by working through different agencies. Reflecting on this woman's general behavior at the time, Bultemeier said

"She started asking us for money. At one point, she asked that we buy her a home, which was very sweet for her to think that we had that kind of money."


This unnamed individual finally ended up delivering, and she kept the child. Although it's been difficult, Bultemeier, who was adopted herself, said that because of their experience in this process, she could truly lean on the support of her adoptive and her biological family. 

Bultemeier was born in 1988. Her birth mom wrote her a letter which her parents read every year on her birthday, a tradition she still carries out today


At 23 years old, Bultemeier found her birth mother. She also met her birth father not long after the adoption fell through. Bultemeier took this as a sign, stating

"We almost stopped our adoption journey. But then I had the connection with my birth father, and I felt that was God telling me our story was not written yet!"

She and her husband chose to visit with her biological dad—in Arizona on New Year's Eve of 2020—and other relatives who would be there, such as her half-sisters.


Bultemeier shared pictures of this gathering on Instagram as she stood with her blood-related family members, all of them smiling brightly. The elated wife and daughter expressed

"Adoption this year...was a rollercoaster but starting 2021 with my new addition of family was more than I could ever imagine!"

Bultemeier also wrote about how wonderful she feels now that she knows more about her identity as well as her origins.


Bultemeier has admitted that adoption comes with many challenges, one being an issue with identity and the complicated relationship between "the triad," meaning the adoptees, the adoptive parents, and the biological parents. Nevertheless, despite these difficulties, she will persist, saying

 "Our adoption journey has been full of peaks and valleys, but knowing my story started from strength gives me hope to persevere." 

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, this wife and her husband can welcome a child into their home, life, and most importantly, their hearts. 

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