November 08, 2021

Nurses and Doctors' Emotional 'Walk of Honor' for Baby Girl Who Saved 3 Lives with Her Organs

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Jenni Bawwaza never thought that she would only have a year to spend with her baby Alondra Torres Arias before an illness took the little one's life. Alondra's death, however, saved three other babies.

No parent would ever dream of outliving their children as doing so would be walking into their worst nightmare. Sadly, it was a reality that Jenni Barraza had to face.

Barraza's daughter, Alondra Torres Arias, was only one year old when she passed away in January 2019. She suffered from pneumonia and was declared brain dead by doctors.

Alondra Torres Arias smiles adorably at the camera. | Source:


It was undoubtedly a painful goodbye for Alondra's parents, but they still made a selfless decision that would help other babies live longer than expected.

Barraza and her husband donated their little girl's kidneys and liver to three children who needed it most. In an emotional Facebook post, Barraza wrote:

"Yesterday my husband and I escorted my baby still in the crib and breathing artificially from the intensive care area to the surgery area where Alondra was able to donate both her kidneys and liver."


The mother narrated what had happened as she felt the immense pain of losing a daughter. While on the way to the operating room, a long corridor filled with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff greeted Alondra and her family.

Although it was painful to see her daughter for the last time, Barraza finds comfort knowing that three babies will get a chance to live a full life because of Alondra.

The hallways were filled with silence, with everyone's hands together in a praying position to show gratitude. "I never walked more proud and with my head held high," Barraza said.


Finally, when they reached the operating room, Barraza had to face her most difficult goodbye. "It was time to let her go," she said

Although it was painful to see her daughter for the last time, Barraza finds comfort knowing that three babies will get a chance to live a full life because of Alondra. She added:

"[...] The death of my little girl was not in vain."


Barraza's post left many Facebook users emotional while reading her narration. Many of them also displayed an overwhelming amount of support for the grieving mother.

It seems that more and more people have made the conscious decision to become organ donors. Previously, 14-year-old Katelyn Zimmerman became a hero after donating her heart to save another boy.


Katelyn met her tragic fate when a drunk driver hit her and her younger brother while biking. Surprisingly, three hours before her passing, she told her grandmother that she wanted to become an organ donor.

Sadly, her wish came true before she knew it. Her heart saved another teenager's life who later met Katelyn's father, Shawn Zimmerman.

During their meeting, Shawn was able to hear his late daughter's heartbeat inside another person's chest. Although sad, it gave Shawn peace.


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