Emotional Moment Elderly Mother with Alzheimer's Remembers Her Daughter for a Brief Moment

Dayna Remus
Nov 08, 2021
09:40 P.M.

Caring for a family member who has Alzheimer's can be tormenting as you watch them slip away. However, now and then, there are some glimpses of the one you love that make it all worth it.


In 2014, Kelly Gunderson from Georgia experienced one of these beautiful moments with her mother, 87-year-old Daphne Tresher, who had Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia and the most common one at that. Symptoms include mood swings, inability to make good decisions, forgetting where one places objects, and memory loss.

Daphne Tresher and Kelly Gunderson. │Source: youtube.com/SheKnows

Daphne Tresher and Kelly Gunderson. │Source: youtube.com/SheKnows


As a loving gesture towards her ailing mother, Tresher would sit and tape her while singing to her or asking questions. On one day she will never forget, the daughter was following this usual routine in a video shared initially in 2014. Gunderson said:


“That morning, I was just lying in bed with her, and we were just talking, and I decided to do a selfie video.”

Daphne Tresher and Kelly Gunderson. │Source: youtube.com/Kelly Gunderson

Daphne Tresher and Kelly Gunderson. │Source: youtube.com/Kelly Gunderson

The clip consists of the daughter and mother lying on pillows together, looking lovingly into the eyes of each other, while Tresher asks her adorable mom some questions.


In the video, Gunderson asks Tresher if she knows whether she is her mother or not, to which she cutely reacts that Gunderson is her mom, leaving her daughter smiling affectionately.

Kelly Gunderson and her twin, Leigh Rhodes with Daphne Tresher. │Source: youtube.com/Kelly Gunderson

Kelly Gunderson and her twin, Leigh Rhodes with Daphne Tresher. │Source: youtube.com/Kelly Gunderson


Gunderson and her two sisters... [announced] tragic news.

The 87-year-old said that Gunderson acts like her mother. The two carried on talking, telling each other how much they loved one another, even if the elderly lady seemingly appeared not to recognize who her daughter was.


Once again, she asked her mom if she knew who she was, to which the elderly woman answered "Kelly," leaving her child thunderstruck. Tresher went on to say:

“Well, I love Kelly, and didn’t I name you Kelly?”

They again told each other that they loved one another, laughing in unison while still looking lovingly into each other's eyes before the camera was turned off.



Sadly, in 2018, another one was posted with Gunderson and her two sisters, announcing tragic news. Gunderson reported that their mother had sadly and recently passed away, expressing:

"While we are sad, we are happy she is at peace and dancing with Jesus."

Despite her memory loss, the bond between this family and their connection to their mom shows how love shines through all obstacles. It exhibits that even with sickness, there is beauty in the world. As Tresher expressed in the video, "oh, isn't it wonderful?"


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