November 14, 2021

Man Installed Hidden Camera in Bathroom Because He Doubted Wife's Fidelity

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A Redditor’s husband thought she was seeing someone else. After many sleepless nights and quarrels, he plotted a plan to catch her red-handedly. He ordered a spycam on Amazon and installed it in their bathroom.

Redditor Muted_Inevitable_516 was determined not to cheat on her husband. She respected her conscience and didn’t want to feel guilty crossing her boundaries with someone else. That said, her husband had a negative perspective of her. He thought she had an affair and worked on gathering proof.

The Original Poster (OP) and her partner had been together for 14 years and married for ten. Though their marriage seemed strong, her husband felt she saw someone else after reading her private email.


OP's husband thought she would never find out about the smoke alarm | Photo: Shutterstock

The OP claimed she didn’t know what prompted him to rummage through the email she had used since middle school. He accidentally found an old unsent mail to her ex from high school. She explained:


“From that, it seemed to have planted the seed, and he started spiraling. He knew all passwords to everything. Started logging into my Facebook and reading all my conversations.”

He would often bring random context from the conversations and confront the OP. She’d even show him all her texts and photos, but nothing convinced him. Sometimes, he would argue with her for him not being in all her Facebook photos.

OP's husband doubts her loyalty | Photo: Pexels


At the end of every aggressive confrontation, the OP would try explaining to him she was loyal. However, he still doubted her and had a plan in mind. The Redditor explained:

“I thought we were moving past it...Then we got a random package in the mail for him. I didn’t open it, but we had no scheduled deliveries from Amazon.”

The couple shared the account, and she thought it was awkward he ordered something without discussing it. Later, she spotted a smoke alarm above the toilet in their restroom. The OP didn’t bother at first until she started sensing something awry.

OP gets a parcel from Amazon she hadn't ordered | Photo: Unsplash


Her husband didn’t elaborate when she mentioned the alarm. He pretended it was normal, and she trusted him. However, the OP was still unconvinced and decided to investigate. She eventually found it was a spycam disguised as a smoke alarm.

Several people advised her to move away from her husband.

She confronted her husband. He told her it was the only way to find out if she cheated on him. He argued that there were only a few recordings, and she needn’t worry. He tried convincing her that he did it out of love. The OP was unmoved by his gesture and turned to the online forum on Reddit for advice.

OP is disgusted with her husband's doubtful intentions | Photo: Pexels


After reading her post, several users asked the OP to explain if she ever suspected him. For instance, user Bucky2015 asked a straightforward question that read: “Any chance he’s projecting, and he’s the one cheating?”

The OP responded to the person saying she thought in that angle but never found any evidence. Redditor AnimalLover38 asked her if she’d checked his phone and emphasized apps that can give remote access to spy on others’ phones. The OP responded saying:

“I have looked at his phone and only found some sort of website history tracker that was tracking my stuff, and he explained it away. This was before the camera situation. But other than me finding the camera app, I haven’t looked through everything.”


OP wants the best for her daughter and isn't okay with her husband's perspectives | Photo: Pexels

Several people advised her to move away from her husband. Some felt sorry for the OP’s daughter and the insight she was getting from her parents’ fighting over infidelity.


The OP wanted to decide what was best for her and her daughter. She didn’t want to come to terms with being okay with her husband’s doubtful intentions. Though her husband wanted things to change magically, she decided to take time to get over the damage he’d caused.

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