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Tearful Moment Twin Brothers Meet for the First Time Almost 70 Years after Being Separated at Birth

Lois Oladejo
Nov 20, 2021
07:20 P.M.

Twin brothers separated at birth finally snagged a chance to meet for the first time months after discovering each other's existence.


George Skrzynecky and Lucian Paznanski spent the first few years of their lives unaware of their biological relationship. In fact, each only discovered he had a twin brother somewhere out there in their teens.

Born in Germany to a Polish mom, Elizabeth, who was subjected to a forced labor camp during the Second World War, the brothers had the most heartbreaking beginning.

Their mom welcomed them shortly after regaining her freedom from the forced labor camp. Unfortunately, she fell ill afterward, making her unable to care for her newborns.

As a result, the woman had to give them up in closed adoptions in Poland. Both boys were adopted separately, ending up in two different families, while the system banned their biological mom from ever seeking out either of them.

The boys grew up in Poland, without a clue that they were adopted or had family elsewhere. When Paznanski came of age, he joined the Polish army, where he discovered the parents he had known his whole life were not biologically related to him.


The realization left him shocked, but he was glad to know the truth finally. Meanwhile, Skrzynecky took a more complicated path.

When he was seventeen, he came across some paperwork that confirmed his adoption and the existence of his twin brother.

The discovery left the teenager upset at his adoptive parents for keeping the secret from him. Soon after, he enlisted the Red Cross to aid the search for his brother, to no avail.

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo:  Youtube.com/BBC News

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo: Youtube.com/BBC News

Unable to deal, he walked out of his parents' lives and moved to California, embracing a new life. He spent the next decades searching for his lost family, utilizing different means.

Just when they thought their twin could never be found, the brothers hit a stroke of luck. In 2014, Poznanski received information about his birth mother, discovering she was barred all along from ever finding out her children's whereabouts.


He also learned about his twin brother, Skrzynecky. The then-69-year-old turned to the Red Cross Restoring Family Links Program to find his twin.

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo:  Youtube.com/BBC News

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo: Youtube.com/BBC News

His efforts paid off eventually, as he soon discovered a name and location. The program also helped schedule a meetup for the long-separated twins, leaving them elated. Skzynecky explained:

"I never knew when this day was going to happen. Was thinking one day, I'd find my brother. I couldn't wait to hug him and give him a big kiss."

He got his chance soon enough. The brothers met for the first time since birth in 2015 at a Polish airport. Upon sighting his brother standing in wait at the airport with a bouquet in hand, every second Skrzynecky spent yearning for his family, and brotherly affection came flooding back.

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo:  Youtube.com/BBC News

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo: Youtube.com/BBC News

To the twin brothers, having each other's company superseded winning the lottery. Their nearly seven-decade-long separation ended with a tear-jerking embrace at the Warsaw Airport in Poland.

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