January 10, 2022

Old Lady Cuts off Children from Will, Hospital Nurse She Barely Knows Inherits All Her Property – Story of the Day

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When Victoria Allen died, her children, Karl and Clara, discovered that the older woman left her entire estate to the nurse who had cared for her. However, Nurse Sarah met up with Clara later to reveal Mrs. Allen’s real plan.

“And finally, Mrs. Allen leaves the majority of her estate, including the mansion and her accounts, to Sarah Green,” the lawyer, Mr. Ferguson, finished reading Mrs. Allen’s will. She passed away that week, and the attorney invited her two children to attend this meeting. Clara was shocked to hear what her mother had done, but she was not surprised when her brother, Karl, exploded in anger.



Sarah became their mother's nurse two years ago when her health deteriorated. | Source: Shutterstock

“Mr. Allen, please calm down,” the lawyer begged him. Clara chimed in and told Karl to sit back down, so they could get to the bottom of this. But her brother was obstinate.


“NO, CLARA! THIS IS INSANE! THIS WOMAN CAN’T GET OUR MOTHER’S INHERITANCE! YOU DID SOMETHING TO HER!” Karl accused Sarah, who was sitting in the corner of the attorney’s office.

Clara sighed. She knew that Sarah hadn’t done anything to their mother. This might be the smartest thing the older woman ever did. It was hard to admit, but her brother was not the best person in the world. Although they both had a privileged upbringing and tons of education, Karl became cruel and even greedier than anyone expected.

It only became worse when their father died years ago. He barely pretended to mourn to get sympathy from Victoria. But Mom always saw right through him, Clara remembered. Still, they had no other family left, so Karl assumed they would both inherit her considerable estate.


Clara smiled at Sarah despite her brother's tirade. | Source: Pexels

Clara looked at Sarah and smiled softly while her brother continued yelling. The woman became their mother’s nurse when her health deteriorated two years ago. Karl lived only two blocks away from Victoria, but he refused to care for her.


Meanwhile, Clara moved to Portugal years before her mother’s health issues and couldn’t do anything but call her several times a month. She only returned to Reno, Nevada, for the funeral and the will-reading but would be going home in a few days.

It seems that Sarah and I are the only ones really mourning my mother’s passing, Clara thought painfully. Unlike her brother, she wasn’t mad about the money. Her salary in Portugal was more than enough to live comfortably.

Sarah also looked sad. I guess when you care for someone for so long, you form an attachment, Clara mused.

Finally, she got tired of her brother's tirade and decided to stop him. “That’s enough, Karl!” she snapped forcefully but didn’t raise her voice. Karl looked at her like she had grown two heads and yelled back.


Karl couldn't understand why his sister wasn't angry. | Source: Pexels


“I don’t care about the money, Karl! You shouldn’t either. Our mother is dead! That’s all I care about right now. Besides, it was her money. She’s allowed to do whatever she wanted with it,” Clara lamented, trying to stop herself from crying in the lawyer’s office. “I’m done with this. Can we leave now, Mr. Ferguson?”


“Yes, Mrs. Allen. Thank you for coming,” the attorney replied.

Clara stood up, grabbed her purse, and exited. She could hear Karl calling to her, but she didn’t want to listen to her brother anymore. He was never going to stop talking about this. Thank God I live on another continent! she thought after reaching her car in the parking lot of their lawyer's firm.

But suddenly, there was a knock on the window. It was Sarah. “Mrs. Allen, may I speak to you for a moment now that your brother is not around?” the nurse asked her. Clara agreed and told her to get in the passenger seat.

Sarah got into Clara's car and revealed something shocking. | Source: Pexels


“Listen, I’ll make this quick. Your mother only left me the money because she didn’t want to give Mr. Allen anything. Her lawyer advised her to give him a little bit so that he couldn’t contest the will. But she was worried about his reaction if everything else went to you,” Sarah explained.

“Ok, that makes complete sense. I’m not too fond of Karl, and he’s my brother. Mom has been tired of him for years,” Clara mumbled, not knowing where this conversation was going. “Listen, I don’t hold any grudges against you. You can enjoy that money and the house. It’s fine. I’m living a great life in Portugal.”

“Wait, listen. She only gave me the money on the condition that I give you everything on my own. Privately,” the nurse interrupted. “However, she also left that up to me. She asked me to check your reaction and see if you had become like your brother before giving you all of that.”


Clara rolled her eyes. “That’s so like my mother. She’s been like that forever.”

“I’ll take your word for it. She was certainly a character, although hard to get to know,” Sarah laughed. “Anyway, I need your information so that I can transfer the money later on. I don’t know what to do with the house, though.”

Sarah sold the house and arranged things with Clara. | Source: Pexels


“Ok, listen. We’re probably going to have to pay an inheritance tax on the house. Well, since you inherited it, you have to pay for it. Use my mother’s money for that and get Mr. Ferguson to help you. Afterward, you can transfer whatever is left in the accounts. The house is yours to do as you wish,” Clara suggested.

Sarah didn’t want to accept such a generous offer. “I’ll sell it, and you can keep the money,” the nurse insisted. Clara agreed on the condition that Sarah would keep half the money after the sale. She was still reluctant, but the nurse had two children, and this money would secure their future forever.

A few months later, Sarah sold the mansion and wired half the money to Clara in Portgual. When Karl finally found out about the sale, he called his sister on FaceTime to complain. “Can you believe that scammer? That house was worth millions of dollars!” he growled. “But don’t worry. I've lined up another lawyer, and we’re going to sue that nurse. She’ll be out on the streets when I’m done with her.”


Clara grew angry and told her brother never to call again. | Source: Pexels

“No, you won’t,” Clara hissed after hearing her brother’s despicable plan. “You don’t have a case. Our mother’s will was crystal clear. And if I’m called to testify, I won’t be on your side.”


“How can you do this to me?!”

“Because you have become a horrible human being, Karl! All you care about is money! You couldn’t even muster a tear at her funeral,” Clara yelled and couldn’t keep her eyes from welling up. “You even smiled at everyone, thinking that you were finally rich! You don’t deserve mom’s money, and you will not get it! Don’t call me ever again! GOODBYE!”

A judge dismissed Karl’s weak attempt to sue, and he never talked to Clara ever again.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Money doesn’t make people evil; it only shows someone’s true colors. Karl and Clara both grew up in privilege, but they were vastly different. Their differences only became more apparent when their mother’s money was involved.
  • You can cut family out if they are not good people. No one is perfect, but Clara did the right thing by cutting her brother off after hearing his plans.


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