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November 19, 2021

Woman Discovers Son Sneaking Stranger's Baby into House and Hiding Him under His Bed — Story of the Day

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A woman discovers that her teenage son has been hiding a newborn baby in his room and is stunned when she learns who the baby's parents are.

Kate Rogers hadn't been lucky in love. She had married her first husband, Fred, straight out of high school and given birth to their son Hadley six months later. When Hadley was two, Fred left, telling Kate he wasn't ready to be a father.

When Hadley was five, Kate met Jack, and at first, everything had been perfect. Jack had been loving and kind and treated Hadley like his own son. But three years on, their marriage was on the rocks.

April couldn't believe the strange sounds she heard coming from her son's room | Source:


Unlike Fred, Jack was very ready to be a father -- in fact, he insisted on it. But try as they might, Kaye just didn't get pregnant. Kate suggested they go to a fertility specialist and find out what was wrong, but Jake refused.

"Wrong? What do you mean to find out what's wrong?" he cried angrily. "I KNOW what's wrong! You're sterile! You have some problem that won't allow you to conceive my baby!"

So Kate had gone to the doctor on her own, and he told her that as far as he could tell she was fine, and there was no reason why she shouldn't be able to conceive and carry a baby to term.

When Kate told Jack she'd been to a specialist and tried to coax him into doing the same, he exploded and told her that if she couldn't give him a child, he'd find himself a woman who could.


When Kate married Jack she was sure she'd found the perfect man | Source: Unsplash

A dazed Kate turned away from his cruelty to see her son Hadley crouched behind the sofa, with tears in his eyes. That night she decided she was going to file for a divorce from Jack.


There was no way she would be subjecting her sweet boy to any more of those crazy scenes! Kate told Jack she wanted a divorce and suddenly he was subdued, back to the loving husband he'd once been.

Family is about love and commitment, not biology or DNA tests.

But Kate wasn't fooled. She knew there was a deep underlying problem that Jack wasn't dealing with. She told Jack she'd stay if he agreed to go to the doctor with her and to attend couple's therapy.

Jack agreed immediately, but then kept postponing the appointments for a dozen different reasons. Kate knew he'd never seek help and that their marriage was over.


Jack was very loving to Kate's son Hadley | Source: Unsplash

Once she'd come to her final decision, Kate decided to speak to Hadley, She walked into his room and heard a strange gurgling noise. "Hadley?" she asked. "Where are you?"


Kate saw her son poke his head out from under his bed. "Hey, mom! Here I am!"

"Hadley, you silly boy," Kate laughed. "What are you doing under that bed? Come out immediately!"

"Sure, mom!" Hadley said and scrambled out. He sat down on the bed and looked up at Kate. "What's the matter, mom?" he asked.

But Kate just didn't fall pregnant | Source: Unsplash


Kate sat next to him. "Listen, hun, you know how Jack and I have been talking about our future lately?"

Jack nodded solemnly and Kate was about to continue and announce the impending divorce when she heard the sound of a baby crying. "What's that noise?" she asked.

But Hadley just looked at her with big, wide, innocent eyes. "I don't hear anything!" he said. But Kate heard the crying again, louder this time as if the baby was getting impatient and very hungry.

Kate stood up. "There's a baby crying! Don't tell me you don't hear it, Hadley!" Hadley was twisting his fingers together and blushing bright red. "Hadley George Rogers, you'd better tell me the truth right now!"


Jack didn't want to go to the doctor and insisted that Kate had a problem | Source: Unsplash

"Mom," said Hadley, "there is a baby under the bed."

Kate got down on her knees and peeked and there really was a baby under the bed and it was crying and waving its tiny fists in the air. Kate picked it up immediately.


"Hadley!" she gasped. "Where did you get this baby?"

"I was at the bus stop and this lady came up to me and she asked me if I could hold her baby while she went to the restroom." Hadley explained. "And you'd always said we should help when we can so I said yes."

Kate thought about it and decided to ask Jack for a divorce | Source: Unsplash


"She left this bag with diapers and stuff and went away. I waited and waited until it started to get dark. I even went into the lady's restrooms but she wasn't there. So then I thought..."

"What did you think, honey?" Kate asked gently.

"Well, I heard you and Jack arguing, and I heard you crying cause you couldn't have a baby," Hadley said. "So I thought maybe it was like Miss Kersey says in Sunday School and God had sent you this baby."

Kate had tears in her eyes as she put her arms around her son. "Honey," Kate said. "One thing I'm certain is that you are the biggest miracle God ever sent me!"


Kate was stunned to find a baby sleeping under Hadley's bed | Source: Pexels

Kate and Hadley took the baby -- it was a little boy -- to the police station, and told them all about the woman who had abandoned the baby. Kate spoke to the police and to the social worker and told them she'd be interested in adopting the baby if they couldn't find the parents.


When they arrived home, Jack was there. Hadley was very excited. "Jack, guess what? I'm going to have a little brother! I found him and mom's going to adopt him!"

"What?" gasped Jack. "What are you talking about?" So Kate explained the whole story to Jack and added that she wanted to adopt the baby boy. Jack's reaction left her stunned.

Kate fell in love with the baby and decided to adopt him | Source: Unsplash


"Adopt some rabble's cast-off child?" he cried. "Are you mad? NEVER! I wouldn't touch a child that wasn't of my blood!"

"Jack," said Kate. "You know, I hadn't thought of it that way, but you are 100% right! YOU are not my blood, so go pack your bags and get out!"

It took a while, but Child Services finally decided to allow Kate and Hadley to take the little boy home and they named him David. Hadley turned out to be the best big brother ever, and Kate was proud of him and grateful for her beautiful family.

Hadley became the best big brother ever to little David | Source: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

  • The only way to solve our problems is to face them head-on. Jack didn't want to admit that he might have a medical problem and so he lost his family.
  • Family is about love and commitment, not biology or DNA tests. Hadley and Kate and David became a family out of love.

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