November 19, 2021

Bill Cosby Had to Bury 2 Children, a ‘Hero’ Son & Daughter, Who Died Young - Inside Their Fate

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Bill Cosby is one man who has seen it all in the world of entertainment. However, his life away from the spotlight has been laced with various tragic events like losing a brother and two children. 

The past few months have not been a walk in the park for American Stand-up Comedian, Actor, and Author Bill Cosby. The entertainer has recently been in the news for several negative reasons.

Nonetheless, Cosby made his fair contributions to the entertainment industry. However, born William Henry Cosby on July 12, 1937, the entertainer has not always had his life together. 

Bill Cosby arrives to the pretrial hearing for his sexual assault trial at Montgomery County Courthouse on March 29, 2018. [Left] | Photo of Bill Cosby's late daughter, Ensa Cosby McLean. [Circle] | Photo of Bill Cosby's son Erinn with his father and siblings. [Circle] | Photo: Getty Images facebook.com/martinlmclean



As a young boy, Cosby did many menial jobs like shining shoes and working in a supermarket to raise funds to look after himself and his family. 

Although Cosby was hardworking, he had a talent for making people laugh effortlessly. He learned that putting smiles on people's faces could be a way to make new friends.

While in high school, the comedian would tell stories and jokes to his classmates rather than focus on his studies. Eventually, his lack of interest in education led him to drop out and enroll in the U.S Navy. 

Actor/stand-up comedian Bill Cosby at the Montgomery County Courthouse for the fifth day of his retrial for sexual assault charges on April 13, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images



After serving his country for a short time, Cosby returned to school, but his time as a college student was short-lived. He dropped out of college to finally pursue his dream as a stand-up comedian.

In 1963, he made his debut on "The Tonight Show," which introduced him to a national audience. A few months later, he released his first album. Since his first album's release, he has won over nine Grammys and sold over ten million albums.

Bill Cosby pictured filming an opening sequence in New York in 1990. | Photo: Getty Images


Among the companies which hired him as a pitchman over the years are Ford, Coke, Mattel, Kodak, Del Monte, EF Hutton, White Owl Cigars, Jell-O, and the U.S Census.

Cosby also became the first black actor to star in a drama series in 1965 when he was cast in the espionage show "I Spy." He earned three consecutive best actor Emmys for his role.

Picture of Bill Cosby being escorted out of prison. | Photo: Getty Images



The actor has enjoyed a career that has spanned many decades. However, he has been through his fair share of struggles, including the loss of loved ones.

Cosby experienced the death of a family member for the first time when he was eight years old. The "The Cosby Show" star said goodbye to James, his brother, at that young age.

The deceased's husband, Martin McLean, stated that a kidney match had been found for his wife shortly before her demise.

Bill Cosby and daughter Erika, 11, watch son Erinn, 10 and daughter Ennis, 7, upload snowballs, on winter stroll on 60th Street on January 25, 1977. | Photo: Getty Images


James was only six years old and died from rheumatic fever. The tragic incident changed everything. According to The Spokesman-Review, Cosby became the man of the house after his brother's passing.

Years after the loss of his brother, Cosby faced another terrible plight no parent wishes for. Two out of his five children — Ennis and Ensa — passed away. 

Bill Cosby speaks onstage at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund 25th Awards Gala on November 11, 2013. | Photo: Getty Images



While Cosby made a name for himself as the funny father, Cliff Huxtable in "The Cosby Show" during the mid-1980s, Ennis was attending a boarding school in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, The George School, at the time.

The boy excelled at sports and took part in track and field events, lacrosse in spring, basketball in the winter, and football in the fall.

Although Ennis was good at sports, he struggled with his schoolwork, and Cosby's co-workers often heard him encouraging Ennis over the phone. Ennis's struggle in school was linked to dyslexia, which he eventually overcame to become a graduate of Columbia University. 


Ennis Cosby in His Graduation Toga circa 1992. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Sadly, his life was cut short on January 16, 1997. Ennis was shot to death in what was described as a botched robbery. Police found Ennis's body lying next to his green Mercedes convertible on Skirball Centre Drive.


He had been shot by a white man, who a witness could not remember due to how badly shaken she was. According to the witness, Ennis struggled to change a flat tire in the dark and called her for help. 

Bill Cosby visits Town Hall at SiriusXM Studios on November 7, 2013 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images


While she sat in her car with the headlights on, a man tapped her window and flashed a gun. Terrified, she drove off but returned shortly after and found Ennis in a pool of his blood.

The police spokesman revealed that while they suspected robbery, nothing was taken during the attack. They vowed to catch the perpetrator of the act, which they did. A 19-year-old Ukrainian immigrant, Mikhail Markhasev was caught, and sentenced to life in prison.

Ennis was described by many as a down-to-earth man. Cosby also told reporters outside his Manhattan apartment that his son was his "hero."



Cosby and his family were faced with another tragedy in 2018, following the death of the comedian's daughter Ensa. Ensa was known by many as a fierce woman.

She was one of her father's strongest defenders, mostly during his trial period. She spoke up for Cosby when he was accused of sexual assault in 2017, noting that the allegations were horrific and her father was innocent.


Sadly, approaching middle age, the 44-year-old yoga instructor started experiencing kidney problems. On February 23, 2018, she passed away suddenly from renal failure.

Ensa was buried next to her late brother in a plot of land called "Ennis's Garden" in Cosby's Massachusetts Estate. Following the death of his wife, Ensa's grieving husband revealed to Dailymail.com that her death was unexpected.


The deceased's husband, Martin McLean, stated that doctors had found a kidney match for his wife shortly before her demise, and a transplant was imminent.

He said there was no scheduled date for the surgery, but it was very close. McLean added that his wife was the warmest and sweetest person ever. Ensa was survived by her mother, father, husband, and three siblings — Erika, Erinn, and Evin. 


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