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Man Refuses to Drive Stranger to Battered-Women's Shelter — Turns His Regret into 1000 Good Deeds

Stephen Thompson
Dec 04, 2021
07:30 A.M.

A Pittsburgh man spreads happiness everywhere with his "little" acts of kindness that have helped save many. His journey of love began with one regrettable action.


Six years ago, Jon Potter, a 31-year-old man, embarked on a course to spread love throughout the world, starting from his small town in Pittsburgh. He has since touched over a thousand lives, lending a hand through cash, gifts, service rendering, and organ donations.

Many have come to know of his good deeds, describing him as an angel in disguise. But the origin of his mission was one he'd rather not remember and wished he could erase from his history.

Pittsburgh man shows act of kindness by donating his kidney. | Photo: twitter.com/CBSNews    twitter.com/UPMCnews

Pittsburgh man shows act of kindness by donating his kidney. | Photo: twitter.com/CBSNews twitter.com/UPMCnews


The handyman revealed how a simple request from a lady, which he turned down in 2015, geared off his string of kindness. The stranger reportedly asked for a ride to the battered women's shelter in his truck, or at least the bus fare to convey her to the location.

Potter's "no" came abruptly, much like the regrets that followed his hasty decision. He never got the chance to make up for his rejection, which has since haunted him.

However, the Pittsburgh man figured he could do the next best thing, seeing the woman he refused to help in everyone else. From that moment, he vowed to say "yes" to anyone who needed his help.


Potter has made good on his promise, coming to the aid of many irrespective of the nature of aid required within his capabilities. He has helped kids fix their scooters, install antennas, replaced broken windows, roofed houses, and even offered his van for free moving services.

More amazing was that he was always ready to lend a hand without caring if he was being scammed or lied to or if his rescuers were in a better place than he was financially. He explained:

"I give because I want to give. And that's just for me. And if anything, I go to bed and I feel happy."


Admittedly, the small proceeds from his blue-collar job limited his financial strength, but he always did the best he could with whatever he had, even if it meant giving up a part of himself.

In 2019, the young man did the king of all deeds when he donated one of his kidneys to a lucky stranger, Michael Moore. The incredible act of kindness convinced the retired health food executive there was still good in the world.


Potter, who was diagnosed with autism years back, remained determined not to relent. In an interview, the man admitted he also looked forward to donating his liver and other "bare minimum organs," describing organ donation as his strange addiction.

His wife, Rachael Adler, couldn't have wished for a better man. She disclosed in an interview that their fulfillment came from seeing strangers walk up to them with sincere smiles, sporting the genuine happiness they were missing before.

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