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Manuela Cardiga
Dec 06, 2021
05:40 P.M.
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A desperate, unemployed single mother of two has her faith renewed when she receives a special delivery from the Christmas Angel.


Sally Warner sat on the train on her way home and pressed her icy hands to her hot forehead. Another long, fruitless day looking for work, any work. Anything to earn a few dollars to buy groceries...

But it seemed that half the city was desperate too, and Sally had received rejection after rejection, and she was going home empty-handed on Christmas Eve. The first year of the COVID pandemic she had lived on her savings, but now there was nothing left -- and no work.

As Sally boarded the train home, she was desperate -- she had no money and no food for her children | Source: Shutterstock.com


Sally had been a cleaner for a large outsourcing company but once COVID hit, she had been laid off. As a single mom with two kids, she had always been careful and frugal, and she had thought her savings would take them through to the other side of the crisis.

She was wrong. Sally was now down to her last few dollars, and if she didn't find a job pretty soon, she wouldn't be able to pay her rent. Her parents lived in Arizona, and they were struggling just as badly as she was. 

Sally's ex-husband had abandoned her when she had been pregnant with her second child, little Oliver, and she hadn't heard from him in five years. their daughter Samantha, now seven, hardly remembered her father. 


Sally was a single mom of two children | Source: Unsplash

Sally leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Sammy and Ollie were waiting for her in her neighbor's house, waiting for mom to come home and make Christmas dimmer and she had nothing for them, and certainly no gifts.


It is in our darkest moments that God sends an angel to uplift us.

Tears were trickling down her cheeks, and then she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. A tall elegant woman in her mid-forties was standing in front of her, smiling. The woman was holding up two paper shopping bags.

Sally spent the day looking for work and found nothing | Source: Unsplash


She gave them to Sally with a smile. "I think these were meant for you?"

Sally looked at the woman in bewilderment. "For me? But what is it?"

The woman shrugged. "It's a Christmas celebration in a bag. I was told you need this?"

Sally was going home with no job and no food for her children | Source: Unsplash


"But... Who told you? Who sent these things?" asked Sally.

The woman smiled mysteriously. " "I was asked to buy these things and bring them on the train, and told that I would know who to give them to."

"But who asked you?" insisted Sally.

An elegant older woman approached Sally | Source: Pexels


The woman leaned in and whispered in Sally's ear: "The Christmas angel!" And then the woman turned and walked away.

Sally carried the heavy bags up to her apartment and fetched her children from her neighbor. Then she unpacked the grocery bags and found a small turkey inside, a cured ham and potatoes, cranberry sauce, a Christmas pudding, and two wrapped gifts.

Sally was in tears as she started cooking the wonderful food the Christmas Angel had sent her. Then she placed the two gifts under the tree. "Kids," she said. "Time to wash up and get ready for dinner!"

The woman gave Sally two bags full of food and gifts for the children | Source: Unsplash


Sally lit some candles and for the first time in a long time, she started believing that everything would work out. She and the kids set up milk and cookies for Santa and Sally went to bed at peace with the world.

The next morning, the kids were up bright and early and the two gifts the woman had given her for the children turned out to be a doll and a book for Sammy, and a book and building blocks for Ollie.

After breakfast, Sally dressed up the children and for the first time in many years, she walked to church. After mass, the priest came up to her with a huge welcoming smile on his face: "Oh, Sally, it's so good to see you!" the priest said. "You haven't been here since your wedding!"


Sally took the children to church for Christmas mass | Source: Unsplash

Sally smiled. "Well, Father Harold, you'll never guess what brought me here..." And Sally told him the entire story about being unemployed, the woman on the train, and the Christmas Angel.


Father Harald was staring at Sally. "I know this sounds incredible," he cried, "but not five minutes ago one of my wealthy parishioners asked me to recommend a housekeeper for him."

Within minutes, Sally was talking to the wealthy parishioner who needed a housekeeper, and he hired her on the spot. The salary was double what she had earned before, and she'd be starting straight after New Years'.

The Christmas Angel had sent Sally a Christmas gift too, a brand new life for herself and her children, and the best gift of all was the renewal of her faith.

Sally's gift from the Christmas Angel was a new job | Source: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

  • It is in our darkest moments that God sends an angel to uplift us. Sally was stunned when a woman answered her unspoken prayer and brought her Christmas dinner.
  • Never stop believing in miracles. Just when Sally thought there was no hope, she received the miracle she needed.

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