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Bride's Water Breaks Just before Wedding, Couple Marry in Hospital and Meet Their Baby Afterward

Dayna Remus
Dec 02, 2021
06:40 P.M.

Like something out of a romantic comedy, a New Jersey couple had no idea what borderline far-fetched adventure was in store for the two of them.


All set to have a spooky Halloween wedding, groom Raymond Bansemer was busy taking selfies while his future wife was applying makeup.

Suddenly, while both were amid their pre-wedding activities, pregnant bride Raquel Bruno realized that she was not going to be saying her "I do's" that day - or so she thought.

Raymond Bansemer and Raquel Bruno kissing [left]; Raymond Bansemer standing behind Raquel Bruno while she is holding their newborn baby Lillith [right]. │Source: youtube.com/PIX11 News facebook.com/racquel.brunodipoalo

Raymond Bansemer and Raquel Bruno kissing [left]; Raymond Bansemer standing behind Raquel Bruno while she is holding their newborn baby Lillith [right]. │Source: youtube.com/PIX11 News facebook.com/racquel.brunodipoalo



Realizing that it was time for the baby to come, the couple raced to Hackensack Meridian Raritan Bay Medical Center. However, they were adamant about getting married before giving birth. Raquel said:

"It was important to us, especially since we were engaged prior to the baby coming. We wanted to be married husband and wife having a baby [sic]."

Of course, this wish wasn't likely to come true. However, a fairy godmother was around to ensure the anxious duo got the chance to say their vows.

Raymond Bansemer and Raquel Bruno.│Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Raymond Bansemer and Raquel Bruno.│Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition



Nadia Aurora, a resident at the hospital, took to the online world where she found a way to get herself ordained without registration. Aurora expressed:

"It's just a small act of kindness... so we [the hospital staff] did everything we could to get them the day that they wanted."

Wanting to make the day as memorable a possible, the staff made the bride a wedding dress at the last minute, although it wasn't a traditional gown. They wrapped her in hospital sheets - a comical yet somehow deeply romantic gesture.

Raquel Bruno, Nadia Aurora and Raymond Bansemer.│Source: youtube.com/PIX11 News

Raquel Bruno, Nadia Aurora and Raymond Bansemer.│Source: youtube.com/PIX11 News



With Raquel dressed in these sheets while holding a bouquet of yellow flowers and her groom in his tuxedo, the two quickly said their "I do's." The new wife expressed:

"It was amazing what the hospital staff did to make sure that our special day still happened and they did such a wonderful job."

Once legally wed, Lillith was finally born at 5 pounds and 5 ounces. This couple will one day sit down and tell their daughter the unbelievable story of what happened right before she came into this world.



It was evident from Raymond and Raquel's experience that babies follow their own clock, not abiding by our predictions.

In one curious case, a mother and daughter gave birth two weeks apart. More than this, these two newborns were biological sisters.

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This strange journey all began when medical professionals told 31-year-old Kelsi Pierce that she couldn't fall pregnant. Her mother stepped up to the plate and offered to be a gestational carrier.

After undergoing the procedure, mom Lisa Rutherford fell pregnant, but crazily enough, her daughter found out she was also pregnant not long after. Both of them gave birth only around two months apart.

When it came to the previous couple, doctors failed to predict the due date, while in Kelsi's case, she got pregnant after they told her she couldn't. Of course, we should always abide by the advice of medical professionals, but sometimes nature makes its own rules.

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