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Mom and Daughter Pregnant at the Same Time via IVF Give Birth to Biological Sisters Few Weeks Apart

Dayna Remus
Dec 02, 2021
06:00 A.M.

Not long after her mother entered the pregnancy ward, Kelsi herself also gave birth. Insanely, these two babies turned out to be sisters. However, the journey of how they got there is even more jaw-dropping than the births themselves.


Thirty-one-year-old Kelsi Pierce met her husband Kyle Pierce at a bar, both watching a hockey game. Although their teams were in opposition, the two were definitely on the same side.

Kelsi and Kyle got married in 2016, and now both reside in Minnesota. Their romantic life was natural and smooth-sailing, but their luck ran out when conceiving a child.


Initially, doctors told the couple that Kelsi had a low ovarian reserve, but following IVF, they found she couldn't carry a pregnancy due to her uterus's lining, which was too thin.

They spent two years and all their savings into trying to fall pregnant, but nothing worked. Eventually, the doctors told her that she was never going to be able to fall pregnant.


They recommended either adoption or looking for a gestational carrier. A gestational carrier would be someone willing to carry an embryo sourced from the IVF of the two biological parents.



The idea was tempting, but it seemed impossible with the process costing $100,000 combined with the pair's depleted funds. Nevertheless, Kelsi's mom, from Michigan, had a crazy idea. Looking back, then 53-year-old Lisa Rutherford expressed:

"I just thought I don’t have $100,000 to hand you, but this is what I can do to make your dream come true. It wasn’t even a question."

As she was in her 50's, it was unclear whether Rutherford would be able to carry a pregnancy to term as a gestational carrier or if it would be detrimental to her health. Although some medical professionals were hesitant, the procedure was finally approved.



In December 2019, the loving mom was preparing and attempting to get pregnant with her daughter's baby, and by February the following year, she was with child.

This revelation left the whole family ecstatic. However, an even more unbelievable incident was about to occur in March later that year.

After taking a pregnancy test, as she did habitually every month, Kelsi found out that she was also pregnant.



The experience of being pregnant at the same time was enjoyable for this duo, both relishing going through the different stages together. Rutherford recollected:

"It was an awesome experience...Not only was I so excited for Kelsi to be able to carry a baby, but it was so fun to share our experiences with each other."

The two would exchange advice and tips, talking about their cravings and Facetiming one another while in medical appointments.



Finally, they both had the babies only about two months apart. Due to preeclampsia, the mother gave birth earlier than expected on October 1, 2020.

Eventually, however, baby Everly turned out perfectly healthy, leaving the NICU around a week after the birth. Kelsi then brought Ava into the world on November 23, 2020, ready to say hi to the world and her older sister.

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Since Kelsi has become an official parent, she and her mother are elated, with Rutherford stating that her daughter is a natural mom. Kelsi has stated:

“It still feels surreal to me... It’s just so amazing. I just stare at them for however long, and I’m just like, ‘I can’t believe you’re mine.’”

These feelings make sense as they were once a dream that she can now wake up to every day. Kelsi now has the beautiful experience of loving her daughters unconditionally and doing whatever she can to make them happy - just like her mom so clearly does for her.

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