10-Year-Old with 25% Of His Body Burnt in an Accident Bakes to Pay For Reconstructive Surgery

Brittany Chalmers
Dec 06, 2021
09:20 A.M.

A young burn survivor moved the world. He went through a traumatic ordeal but used his passion for baking to overcome the challenges. The youngster baked cakes to pay for his surgery.


A ten-year-old boy experienced a horrible fate when he was seven. After playing near an active barbecue, he and his brother were covered in flames. The incident left him with burns covering 25% of his body.

Doctors told Joaquin Nahuel's parents that there was not much hope for him. The family who hails from Argentina was devastated. The mother shared that she was told to expect the worse as he would purportedly not survive the night.

A young boy who was a burn victim bakes creative cakes to raise money for his surgeries | Photo: Instagram/joaquinn5084

A young boy who was a burn victim bakes creative cakes to raise money for his surgeries | Photo: Instagram/joaquinn5084



This month his story of survival was shared. Nahuel put up a good fight and underwent various surgeries and months of therapy to heal his wounds. He was alive, but sadly, his body still bore the brunt of the ordeal.

Nahuel desperately wanted to have reconstruction surgery. However, the operation was expensive. The family helped their son organize a way to raise the money. They put various items up for sale and asked for donations.



The public was immediately drawn to one of the items—a cake baked by the youngster. Nahuel shared that he got his love for baking from his grandfather, and even his parents were stunned by how quickly his skills improved.

The mother expressed:

"We realized that he was doing well and that he liked doing it. He is ten years old, he has no preparation, he never took a course, but the sponge cake, the cream, and the handling of the sleeve are perfect for him."



The cake was an instant success online, and people have shared it across the globe. Netizens complimented the baking and boy's determination. Nahuel has a massive online following, and he was able to raise the money needed for surgery.

He remains grateful and shared: "Thanks to the people who donated some of the money for my utensils. I put it in the account of the operation, and I already collected the money, thanks to the people and the cakes that I sold."



The mother is proud of her "thrifty" son, who spends all of his money baking and improving his talent. The mom added: "He doesn't spend on candy, he doesn't spend on chocolates, he doesn't spend on anything. He saves and saves."

The youngster has already made a name for himself and continues to share his love for baking. His story of survival inspires many and shows them that good can come out of even the worst circumstances.

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