Girl Asks Santa to Bring Her Military Dad Home, Doesn't Know Dad Is Nearby to Surprise Her

Dayna Remus
Dec 08, 2021
12:30 P.M.
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Christmas is nearly here, and we can't stop imagining what gifts we are getting, although many of us simply want the copious amount of food. However, one little girl didn't care for any of this - she just wanted her dad to come home. 


Many love this time of year while others want to shut their ears tight when they hear Michael Bublé play at the supermarket - again. Either way, no one can deny that Christmas brings a certain level of magic with it, no matter how cynical a person is.

Even then, beyond the surface-level decorations, twinkling lights, and slightly annoying Christmas tunes is the comforting feeling of family and home. 

Ella speaking to “Santa Clause.”┃Source: TODAY



At such a young age, the importance of family was Ella's focus as Christmas approached in 2019. As a military kid and with her dad deployed, all she wanted was her father back in time to open the gifts. 

Wearing an adorable red and green jingling hat, the little girl approached Santa Clause in the mall. Shyly speaking to him, Ella didn't ask for a bike or an iPad.

Instead, she inquired if the white-bearded man got the letter she sent for him asking for her father to come home for Christmas.

Ella and her father.┃Source: TODAY



Of course, he knew what she was talking about, pulling the letter out of his customary red and white jacket.  At this point, dressed in his military garb, Ella's dad was standing right behind her, but she was completely unaware. 

Even when asked to turn around, she assumed that she was meant to be taking a photo with Santa Clause. Ella then faced a different direction away from her father and smiled for a snapshot. 

Ella taking a picture with “Santa Clause” as her father stands right next to her.┃Source: TODAY



Eventually, the magical Christmas man himself asked her to turn to her left. This was when she caught sight of her "Papi," immediately running and jumping into his arms. Speaking about the experience, Ella said

“He brought Papi on his sleigh. Papi told me that he was scared of the sleigh ride. It was magical.”

The little girl sweetly thanked Santa Clause as her father put her down, to which he warmly responded that she was welcome. 



Commenting on the surprise, the army dad shared that the experience made him truly happy, especially to see his daughter display her belief in magic. He expressed

"For me, it’s all about making her happy, and keeping her imagination open on all aspects of life.”

Let's hope that Ella keeps a piece of this beautiful way of looking at the world when she grows up. Because especially in these times, we could all use a little sprinkle of fairy dust in our lives.