December 10, 2021

Young Woman Writes Heartfelt Thank You Letter to Her Stepdad and Moves Thousands of People Online

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A young woman expressed her deep love for the man who raised her when her biological father was absent. The stepdaughter also had a surprise waiting for him, leaving him in tears. 

Taking to Facebook in 2017, 21-year-old Katelyn Miller from Salina, Kansas, shared a beautiful post for her stepdad, Lance Jeske. This note proved that "blood is thicker than water" doesn't always hold up. 

Miller wrote that she was only 9 years old when she first met him. She wondered what he was doing that day she was born, wishing that he had entered her life at a much earlier stage. 

Katelyn Miller and her stepdad when she was a little girl [left]; Katelyn Miller and her stepdad when she is older [right].┃Source:



From her blood-related father to the men she has dated, Miller stated that Jeske had changed her outlook on how she deserves to be treated. The stepdaughter penned

"I have worried more about my biological father in the past, but even after he broke my heart time and time again, you were there to pick up my broken pieces."

The 21-year-old thanked him for being there for her unconditionally when she chose the wrong men who hurt her deeply. Over time, Miller said, her stepdad had helped her recognize her worth when it came to love. 




She expressed how grateful she was that he was there for every milestone of her life, never neglecting to encourage her to be who she truly is. Miller expressed

"You've never pushed me to be someone I'm not. Even when I've changed my mind a million times... you still support whatever decision I make."

More than that, she expressed that she is genuinely thankful for all the sacrifices he has made for the family, that she is proud to call herself his daughter, and so much more. 

Individual’s comments on a Facebook post by Love What Matters, shared on behalf of Katelyn Miller.┃Source:



This beautiful love letter to her stepdad left thousands of fellow netizens in tears, with many of them sharing and opening up about their own similar stories. Makyla Wilson wrote in the comment section: 

"I have... a husband who has taken in my sweet Rayden boy for the last 3 years as if he were his own. Rayden will soon have my husband's last name."

Sadly, some shared stories of the opposite nature, detailing how their stepdads worsened their lives. The post has, so far, received 38,000 reactions, 2,200 comments, and 5100 shares.


Individual’s comments on a Facebook post by Love What Matters, shared on behalf of Katelyn Miller.┃Source:


On Father's Day of 2017, this stepdaughter asked Jeske if she could take his last name via a petition which left him crying. Miller recollected

“He was so shocked and it was such a happy moment for the whole family."

Being a parent is much more than giving birth or being blood-related to one's child. It's who shows up to the plays, hugs their child when they're crying, holds them accountable when they're not behaving, and, in essence, puts love into action.