Sting Never Intended to Be a Father - He Had 6 Kids 'By Accident' & Didn't Plan to Save Any Money for Them

Gaone Pule
Jan 11, 2022
11:35 A.M.
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English musician Sting is a father to six children whom he said were conceived by accident. According to him, he has no plans of leaving them an inheritance because they are independent.


Sting was born Gordon Sumner and is married to director Trudie Styler. In February, the legendary rocker shared his secret to a long-lasting marriage in an interview with People:

“I know something about marriage. I’ve been married to Trudie for 27 years now. People say to me, ‘How has it lasted this long?’ I say, ‘Well, it’s kind of a miracle, but we don’t take it for granted.’”

(L) Singer Sting with his wife, actress Trudie Styler and their children on June 5, 1988 in Paris, France. (R) Sting attends the Billboard Music Awards in 2003 | Photo: Getty Images



Sting said that he and his beloved wife are also friends and love each other while noting they like one another. The actor said having that in a relationship is of great significance.

The 70-year-old added that although love is passion, liking and enjoying a significant other's company is something different, noting that it lasts longer:

“So, you can have both, and I think that’s important. Be married to your best friend.”

Actress Trudie Styler and musician Sting attend the Universal Music Group's 2018 After Party at Spring Studios on January 28, 2018 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images



Sting and the 67-year-old English actress tied the knot in Wiltshire, England, in 1992. They welcomed four children together: daughters Mickey, Eliot, and sons Jake and Giacomo.

In addition, he shares son Joe and daughter Fuchsia with his former wife, Frances Tomelty. Speaking on fatherhood, the "Shape of My Heart" singer said:

"I never intended to be a dad. I became a dad by accident six times. That's how smart I am. Yet they were the happiest accidents of my life because they're remarkable human beings."


Notably, he stated he does not take credit for the type of grownups they are today, adding he is also a grandfather of four grandkids who are also incredible:

“All of this happened by accident. I didn't intend to be the patriarch of a tribe, but I am."

Talking about fatherhood, Sting said no parent is perfect, "I'm sure that there were times when it was great to be my child, and also times it was just horrible."

He gave a scenario where he used to pick up the kids from school, and other parents would ask for an autograph. "That's embarrassing for the kids and me," he said.



While raising his brood, Sting revealed he instilled the importance of making an independent living, and they took it to heart, not waiting on handouts and fiercely forging their own paths.

The star acknowledged that being independent is challenging but is also a wonderful thing to do, adding he has not promised his kids anything and that he would surely assist them if they were in trouble.

The former frontman of the band The Police is one of the top richest musicians in Britain and is estimated to be worth $300 million. In July 2014, he revealed that he told his kids that there would not be much money left.


Sting added that he and his beautiful wife have a lot of commitments, and so they use the money wherever they can; hence he said there would not be much left:

"I certainly don't want to leave them trust funds that are albatrosses round their necks. They have to work. All my kids know that, and they rarely ask me for anything, which I respect and appreciate."

He also disclosed that he and Styler have nearly one hundred people on their payroll, which drains their funds, and in addition, they are also involved in numerous causes and make sizable donations.



Being married to Tomeltly from 1976 to 1984, the pair welcomed their son Joe the same year they wed, and their daughter Fuchsia was born six years later.

Sting's children have followed in his footsteps. His first-born Joe is also a singer and a songwriter like him. The 45-year-old is also a bassist for the rock band Fiction Place.

Meanwhile, his sister Fuchsia did not pursue a musical career and opted to act like their mother. The 39-year-old has appeared in "Billionaire Boys Club" and "Mr. Banks."


Fuchsia was born in London, England, and attended New York's Stonestreet Studios to study Film and Television Acting. The director graduated from the University of West England with a Drama and English Literature degree.

Sting's first child with Styler, Mickey, was born Brigitte Michael Sumner in 1984. Like her older half-sister, the 37-year-old is also an actress. Mickey has starred in films like "Battle of the Sexes" and "American Made."

In an interview with Vanity Fair in March 2013, Mickey revealed that she had always wanted to act since she was a kid but was ashamed of the idea. "I didn't tell anyone because I didn't think it was ever a possibility," she said. The mom of one married Chris Kantrowitz in Tuscany in 2017.


Her brother Jake, 36, was born in 1985 and is a model and a director. Jake has worked with Hollywood's A-listers, including Bruno Mars and Damien Marley.

The list of gigs includes commercial projects for big brands such as Nike, Original Penguin, and Carhartt. The filmmaker has also made short documentaries.


Another musician in the family is Eliot, born in 1990. She wrote her first song at the tender age of thirteen and released her first album in 2013 under the band name I Blame Coco.

Eliot was first signed at age 17, and by the time she turned twenty-one, she had already broken into the music industry. The 31-year-old once said:

“You get told you have to make something popular, and as soon as you've done that, you can go and do your own thing. But I didn't believe in what I was doing. It wasn't me."


With that said, she systematically sabotaged her career. The music producer stopped touring, stopped working with her then-managers, quit drinking, and even stopped going out.

Eliot then moved alone to a cottage in the Lake District, where she focused on tangible tasks. She also explored other genres of music, such as house music, and soon enough, the mysterious electro artist called Vaal was born.

Lastly, the family's youngest member is 25-year-old Giacomo, whom Sting and Styler welcomed in 1995. He is currently getting his career off the ground with minor roles in movies including "10,000 Saints" and We're Going to the Zoo."