December 15, 2021

To Avoid Settling Her Huge Debt, Daughter Keeps Dying Mother Alive against Her Wishes

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A woman insisted on keeping her dying mother alive despite knowing it was against her mother's wishes. Her brother later discovered the shocking truth behind her insistence.  

A Reddit user named Cucciomaster23 revealed his family problems on the internet. He disclosed why his aunt wanted to keep his dying grandmother alive. 

He shared his aunt's background and details of what was going on in the family. The entire family was surprised to find out what made the Redditor's aunt insist on not pulling the plug while her mother was on the ventilator. 

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The man revealed that his father had only one sister who was very beloved to his grandparents. They had always fulfilled all of her wishes and provided her with whatever she needed. He explained:

"She was my grandparents' sweet little princess."

His aunt owned a jewelry store as an adult. However, her business didn't go well, so she asked her parents for financial support. 

OP's aunt wasn't earning profit from her business | Source: Pexels


According to OP (Original Poster), his grandparents generously lent "a lot of money" to their daughter to help save her business. Unfortunately, she couldn't manage her shop well and eventually shut it down. 

Everyone agreed to the doctor's suggestions except OP's aunt.

Since OP's aunt was unemployed and wasn't married, she didn't have a stable source of income. OP suspected she had started to spend more time with his grandmother after his grandfather's death so she could get a larger share in the inheritance. OP believed his grandmother knew his aunts' intentions, so she didn't fall for it.

OP's aunt frequently visited her mother | Source: Pexels


When OP's grandmother's health began to deteriorate, she was placed in a nursing home. OP's aunt visited her there every day while OP and his family could hardly visit her because of their busy schedules. OP felt her aunt took this as an opportunity to make his grandmother believe that OP's father didn't care about her. 

Eventually, OP's grandmother was put on the ventilator and was in an induced coma due to her worsening health. Doctors advised the family to say their goodbyes and consider pulling the plug. 

OP's grandmother's health was deteriorating | Source: Unsplash


Everyone agreed except OP's aunt who insisted doctors keep her mother alive despite knowing it was against her mother's wishes. 

Eventually, OP's grandmother passed away. However, his aunt came up with another strange request. She wanted to take the dead body with her on the train. 

OP's father refused and prepared for the funeral. After everything was done, OP's father decided to work through the inheritance. Unsurprisingly, his sister showed up with a lawyer demanding a larger share in the estate. 

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Her demand seemed suspicious, so OP's father spent a while investigating the reason behind it. It turned out that she wanted to keep their mother alive because it would have saved her from paying her debts. OP explained:

"If my grandmother had lived for 10 days longer, the money that she owed her parents would be gone and sorted."

OP was furious after discovering the truth but felt relieved after watching his aunt pay her debt to his father since he was the eldest son. This depleted the money she inherited and she was left with very little.

Settling her debt left OP's aunt with little money | Source: Pexels


Moreover, the Redditor believed karma hit his aunt when she fell and broke her jaw while riding her bicycle. He also revealed that his family cut ties with her. After learning this, mermaidnippes22nd replied:

"I have a smile on my face for that sweet karma."

However, not all Redditors sided with OP. RavenWolfPS2 asked OP to be more compassionate towards his aunt. The user said that she might have cared about his grandmother and that losing money in her business might not be her fault. 

OP posted his story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash


OP replied that his aunt did love his grandmother but what she did to her for money was unacceptable. He confessed he felt angry after knowing what she did, making his post sound like his aunt didn't love her mother. He also added that his aunt was now in a mental facility. 

Most users agreed that OP's aunt was at fault. 

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Questions to Ponder:

If you were in place of OP's grandparents, would you lend your daughter money knowing her business wasn't running well?

People don't want to invest in a non-profitable business, but OP's parents did so despite knowing about their daughter's shop. Some people might argue that they lent the money because of their unconditional love for her. However, other people might agree that they shouldn't have invested a considerable amount in their daughter's business. 

Do you think things would be different if OP's grandparents openly talked about the loan conditions?


The lender and borrower are aware of a loan's terms and conditions. Assuming OP's grandparents knew their loan conditions stated their daughter wouldn't have to pay the amount after a specific date, should they have openly talked about it? If they did, the family would have known why OP's aunt insisted on keeping her mother alive. 

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