December 22, 2021

Girl Asks Santa for a Kidney for Her Older Brother Instead of Gifts for Herself

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Hoping for a miracle, one child wrote a letter to Santa, asking for the most heartbreaking gift. Sadly, her identity remained a mystery. Would those who came across her letter be able to locate her and get her the help she needs? 

Many of us will remember waking up on Christmas morning more than excited to find our new presents under the tree and ready to tear the wrapping off. 

Usually, these gifts would come in the form of toys, but one little girl from North Carolina had a more serious request for Santa.

An anonymous little girl’s letter to Santa Clause.│Source:



This letter to the man of the North Pole was shared on the internet, leaving netizens scurrying around, trying to find a way to help the unknown angel.

In 2018, the manager at a Lowe's store, Shelly Thomas, was the first to come across this note. She found it from a Santa Clause letter drop-off at the home improvement establishment.



Taken aback by the selfless nature of the letter, the manager wanted to find out who the original writer was so the store could do something to help.

Although it was signed "Kaitlyn," there was no actual identification, so Thomas did what any 21st-century individual would do — take to social media. 



Sharing what she found on Facebook, she posted a picture of the letter for all to read. The anonymous child first affirmed that she believed in Santa, going on to write

"One thing I really want for Christmas is my big brother to get a kidney transplant. [sic]"

The manager wrote in the post, asking all online friends to share it so Lowe's store could hopefully find the anonymous girl and assist her. 



Many commented that they shared the post with other individuals wishing Thomas luck in her search. One fellow Facebooker going by the name of Dale Gibson Sisti remarked

"Oh my, what a wish!! I just shared with my Lord. Will also share on Facebook."

In general, this manager's post was relatively popular. Currently, it has 60 comments, just over 100 reactions, and almost 900 shares from those hoping to help. 

Individual’s comments on a Facebook post by Shelly Thomas. │Source:



Speaking about when she may be able to find the anonymous little girl, Thomas said that at the least, she hopes to make the family feel as if someone truly cares. The manager also stated

"I will be there to support them and help in any way I can. I am hoping all of the attention gets more people involved."

Sadly, it appears that no one has been able to locate Kaitlyn or anyone in her family since the Facebook plea was first shared. All we can do at this point is hope that ultimately, she and her brother got their Christmas miracle.


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