December 22, 2021

Inside David Bowie & Widow Iman's $2 Million Secluded Home That Saved Her from Sadness

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David Bowie and his widow Iman own a secluded home worth $2 million. The musician died in 2016, but Iman has preserved his memory by filling their home with his presence. Get inside the beautiful home. 

The late English rock star David Bowie was known for his dramatic musical transformations and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, through which he became a fantastical sci-fi chameleon. 

His most iconic songs include his first hit "Space Oddity," released in 1969, and "Fame," which he co-wrote with Carlos Aloma and John Lennon. 

Late actor David Bowie smiling in a photo with his wife | Photo: Getty Images


Bowie also starred in the 1976 movie "The Man Who Fell to Earth" and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. 

Bowie was married twice in his lifetime. His first marriage was to model, actress, and journalist, Mary Angela Barnette on March 19, 1970. Theirs was an open marriage.

The former couple shared a son, Duncan Jones, a film director, producer, and screenwriter, best known for directing movies like "Mute," "Warcraft," "Source Code," and "Moon." 

David Bowie accepting the Webby Lifetime Achievement award on June 5, 2007 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images


Barnett and Bowie influenced glam rock culture and fashion through their partnership in the 1970s. However, they divorced in 1980. 

Bowie married Iman, a Somali-American model, in a private ceremony in Lausanne, Switzerland, on April 24, 1992. They solemnized their marriage in Florence on June 6, 1992.

Bowie and Iman's marriage influenced the content of his 1993 album "Black Tie White House." The album had tracks like "The Wedding," "The Wedding Song," and "Miracle Goodnight." 


Iman and Bowie shared a daughter, Alexandria "Lexi" Zahra Jones, who they welcomed in August 2000. Iman also has a daughter, Zulekha Haywood, from her marriage to former basketball player Spencer Haywood. 

Iman was a student at the University of Nairobi. It was while she was studying there that photographer Peter Beard discovered her. 

She has modeled for some of the biggest brands and magazines, including Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. Since her retirement, she has actively done charity work in Somalia. She also started a cosmetics line. 


Iman and Bowie had a beautiful love story that began in 1990 when they met on a blind date. Bowie once said his attraction to Iman was instant and all-encompassing and revealed he could not sleep for the excitement of their first date.

He revealed he knew she would be his wife as he had never gone for anything in his life with such passion. After tying the knot, the couple remained married for over two decades and celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary before he died in January 2016. 


Bowie died two days after his 69th birthday. He died peacefully surrounded by his family after courageously battling cancer for 18 months. 

In 2017, a documentary marking the anniversary of Bowie's death revealed he only discovered his cancer was terminal three months before he died. Since Bowie's passing, his widow, Iman, has preserved his memory by ensuring their house is filled with his presence. 

Recently, Iman let Vogue into her and Bowie's scenic home and shared some of her favorite things. She revealed they built the house almost six years ago.


The property is surrounded by white Birch trees, which Bowie loved. She showed her living room, which has the most beautiful mountain view. 

Iman remarked that Bowie is one of the most important parts of the whole house and showed his first self-portrait that he did in 1980 located within the living room. 

Iman said she will never walk down the aisle again and said she still feels married.


Iman revealed that the house saved her during the COVID-19 pandemic because she had a hard time staying there before then. 

Iman's difficulty staying at the house was because she felt very sad and missed her late husband very much. However, the home made her go through her grief and come to the other side. For that, she finds it so special. She added

"Now, I mean, when I remember David, I don't cry anymore. I actually remember the joy of my life." 


An object of interest in the house is the Lynn Chadwick sculpture Iman bought for Bowie on their first wedding anniversary because he was a huge fan of Chadwick. Iman also showed Bowie's first gift to her, a black Hermes leather bag he bought her on their first holiday in Paris. 

Iman adores several pieces in her home, including a Wicker cushion her dear friend Naomi Campbell gave her almost 20 years ago on her birthday. 

Iman also shared one of her favorite books, "A Grave for a Dolphin," by Alberto Denti di Pirajno. The book is extra special to her because it was one of Bowie's favorite books before meeting her. Also, some of the lyrics from his song "Heroes" were inspired by the book. 



Iman showed off her beautiful kitchen and revealed she has a gift of reading a recipe and cooking it without looking at the instructions again. 

She also showed a beautiful Kara Walker pitcher and said she is a huge fan of Walker's work. The model took cameras to her screened porch that has a fireplace. She described it as a perfect place to have dinner. 

Iman showed a special painting that is dear to her heart. The painting was made by her and Bowie's daughter Alexandria. The painting features mother and daughter and a black star above their heads representing Bowie.


Alexandria made the painting in 2016, the first year without Bowie. Iman described it as the perfect gift for Mother's Day. There are stacked stones all over the property, which Iman started creating just to calm herself to feel the balance. 

Iman showed off her new fragrance, Love Memoir, which is made in the shape of stacked stones. She said the fragrance is an homage and a celebration of her love for Bowie. The retired model said she could not have created the fragrance if not for the house. 

Lastly, Iman showed her necklace, which had Bowie's name on it. She revealed her dear friend Hedi Slimane gave it to her when Bowie died. 


It has been five years since Bowie died, but Iman remains his widow and has not remarried. Moreover, it is not something she is even considering doing. 

During a reported interview, Iman said she will never walk down the aisle again and said she still feels married. She narrated how someone referred to Bowie as her late husband a few years ago and how she corrected the person, saying Bowie is her husband. 

Iman revealed she knew early on that Bowie was the man for her. She added that even though it had been a grieving process for her since Bowie's death, she draws strength from all the years she was lucky to have him in her life. 


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