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Mom Accidentally Meets Daughter 6 Years after Being Told She Died in a House Fire

Stephen Thompson
Dec 25, 2021
12:40 A.M.
A mother was left shattered after she was informed that her ten-day-old did not survive a house fire. However, she spotted the child in the most surprising circumstances six years later.

A six-year-old girl, who was believed to have died as a baby in a house fire in 2004, was kidnapped, finally reunited with her mother, who spotted her at a birthday party.

The mother and child were reunited six years after the fire incident at the local authority offices in Burlington County, New Jersey. Later on, the happy mother, Luzaida Cuevas, took her long-lost child to her home in Philadelphia.

 Luzaida Cuevas in a portiart [left],  Luzaida Cuevas and her daughter, Delimar Vera [right] | Photo: Getty Images

Luzaida Cuevas in a portiart [left], Luzaida Cuevas and her daughter, Delimar Vera [right] | Photo: Getty Images

In 1997, the child, Delimar Vera, was thought to have died in a house fire when she was only ten days old. Although Cuevas escaped the fire with her other children, Delimar was believed to have been killed in the blaze.

Six years after the fire incident, Cuevas saw something spectacular. She was at a children's birthday party when she observed that one of the kids' dimples were similar to hers.


So, she called the child over, and in an attempt to remove a bubble gum which Cuevas said was stuck in the little girl's hair, the mother pulled out five strands of hair, placed them in a towel, and then in a plastic bag.

She contacted the police, and an investigation led to a DNA test that proved that indeed, Cuevas and her former partner, Pedro Vera were Delimar's biological parents. The child had been alive all those years.

She was accused of snatching baby Delimar from her cot and setting Cuevas's house ablaze to cover her crime.

After the DNA results came out, Carolyn Correa, a woman posing as Delimar's mom, was arrested and charged with arson, assault, and kidnapping. She was accused of snatching baby Delimar from her cot and setting Cuevas's house ablaze to cover her crime.


Then, she raised the child as her own for six years. During a chat, Cuevas confessed that she always had a feeling that Delimar was alive. However, all her suspicions were dismissed as nerves.

She wanted to begin an investigation, but the cost of paying lawyers stopped her from taking action. But when Cuevas finally found her daughter, she was determined to go through any length to win her back.

So, Cuevas and her former partner, Vera, filed a case in court. After a few hearings, the pair were granted custody of Delimar. Despite not being together, they agreed to share custody of their daughter but allowed the child to live with her mother.

The happy parents finally planned a reunion, and it was everything they expected. Philadelphia area rep Angel Cruz said Cuevas was thrilled to meet the child.

Most importantly, the woman was happy to be called "mommy." Delimar is all grown up now, and from her Instagram page, she lives a happy life surrounded by friends and loved ones.


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