Abandoned Newborn Found in a Field, Locals Claim Stray Dogs Saved Her

Stephen Thompson
Dec 29, 2021
03:40 P.M.
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Dogs have been known to cater and care for humans like their families, and a recent story of a toddler being watched over by a caring dog has touched the hearts of many social media users.

Dogs are indeed man's most reliable companion and possess a sense of loyalty and friendliness that is almost not found in any other pet. Little wonder, almost every home in America craves for one.

A recent post on Twitter showing the moment a dog watched over a newborn abandoned in a field left social media users in awe. The incident was said to have taken place in the Chattisgarh province of India.

Dogs seen looking after an abandoned baby in a field. | Photo: twitter.com/ipskabra


The baby was said to have been abandoned with no clothes and had her umbilical cords attached to her body. Locals believe she was abandoned in the field at night by a parent who possibly did not want the child.


By the time the baby was found the next day, she was seen snuggled up with a dog and her puppies, who were keeping the baby warm. Locals praised the dog's kindness, stating that the warmth from her and her puppies could have saved the toddler's life.


Others pointed out the harshness of the weather in December, especially at night, could have proven fatal for the newborn, but thankfully, she was safeguarded by a kind stray dog.

Heartwarming pictures showed the newborn snuggled alongside the puppies in the straw. Locals later discovered the child after she was heard crying in the bush. The locals then alerted the local government body, Panchayat, who then called the police to the scene. 



The newborn was later transferred to a local hospital, where doctors examined her. There were no injuries on her body by the time she was found.

Locals were amazed at the sheer luck of the little girl, and she was named Akanksha. She was later referred to the ChildLine Project while authorities continued investigation over the identity of her parents.

A user's comment on video of baby who got abandoned in a field. | Photo: YouTube/Times of India



The child rescue committee will also decide where the child will live; meanwhile, many locals and law enforcement agencies have called for harsh and strict punishment on the child's parents and family for what could have had a sad end for the child.

Others were concerned if the child would be handed back to her family and parents after being left in unfavorable conditions. Some remarked that the parents of the child are unfit to raise kids.

A user's comment on video of baby who got abandoned in a field. | Photo: YouTube/Times of India

Other social media users remarked that they were keen on knowing that the baby's safety was guaranteed. So far, authorities are yet to give further details of their investigation.