January 12, 2022

Dog Kept Smelling Owner's Breast and She Says He Saved Her from Cancer

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In 2018, a Labrador would not leave his owner's side. He kept close to her breast, and after a few weeks, she decided to have a look at it. The dog's care and concern saved her life. 

A Yorkshire, England mother has her dog to thank after the canine's curious behavior alerted her to something troubling. The Labrador named Harvey persistently sniffed her breast and often put his head and paw on it. 

Anna Neary believes her dog sensed that something was wrong. Initially, she was upset that he was acting so strangely. However, after discovering two lumps on her breast, she was stunned. 

A woman battling cancer alongside her dog [left] A woman who beat cancer thanks to her dog [right] | Photo: OWNERS UK



Neary's dog alerted her to the breast cancer spreading in her body. The mother quickly started intense treatment and underwent a mastectomy. She was immensely grateful for her dog's intuition. 

Neary said: "I dread to think where I would be if it weren't for him. Without him, it could have been a different story." The woman stated that she didn't check herself for lumps frequently, and if not for the dog, she might never have. 



Harvey stayed by his owner's side throughout her health battle. The dog kept up his peculiar behavior for six weeks. He also followed Neary around the house more than usual, and she eventually realized he was trying to tell her something. 

Neary expressed:

"We have such a good bond which I think is why he could sense it. He thinks he's a lapdog but he's massive."



Doctors told Neary she might not have beat her cancer if they didn't spot it when they did. This reaffirmed her belief that she owes Harvey her life.

He was her best friend and caretaker when she needed him the most. Neary's fight against cancer was grueling and kept her away from work for three years. In this time, her bond with Harvey grew even more. 

A woman and her dog who alerted her to the cancer in her breast | Photo: Youtube/Daily Mail



Her children also spoil the dog often, as a way of thanking him for saving their mother. This month, Neary shared a special post for Harvey on Facebook.

She wrote:

"So long story short this beaut saves my life. My Harvey. Now 3 yrs on I'm in remission and Harvey hasn't left my side. I love him so much he's my hero lab." 

A woman who discovered two cancerous lumps on her breast thanks to her dog | Photo: Youtube/Daily Mail



Her story touched many netizens. One commenter said: "I believe that Harvey was sent to save you. My lab Myla was sent to save me."

Another user added: "That's such a beautiful and special bond. I'm so pleased you are in remission now." Neary and her family are still amazed by their "clever" dog. They feel lucky to have him in their lives.


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