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Man Receives a Call from His Ex Offering to Adopt Her Son If Something Happened to Her

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 17, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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When a man's dying ex-girlfriend asked him to adopt her 5-year-old son, he refused despite knowing how much the boy liked him. He explained his reasons in a Reddit post.


The 31-year-old man was close to his ex-girlfriend's son since he had spent five years with them. The little boy called the man "papa."

However, the man was convinced he wouldn't adopt the child despite knowing his girlfriend's unstable medical condition. She told him she could die any day. 

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The Redditor with the username TemporaryCook76 shared that he met his ex-girlfriend through a dating app when her son was 6 months old. He also shared that she didn't know who the father was. 

Despite knowing about her past, OP (Original Poster) decided to date her because she "seemed like a great person." They started meeting in person after chatting online for a few weeks. He further explained:

"Few months into our relationship, we moved in together to save money, since both of us were renting at the time."

OP met his girlfriend through a dating app | Source: Unsplash


After moving in, OP started taking care of his girlfriend's son. Since they spent a lot of time together, they naturally developed a close bond. The boy started calling OP "papa."

He didn't think about his ex-girlfriend until he received an unexpected phone call from her.

Everything seemed perfect until OP's girlfriend decided to part ways with him five years later. She backed her decision with reasons that suggested OP was not the same person anymore.

OP's girlfriend broke up with him | Source: Unsplash


She broke up with him because he was working too much and had become less active. OP disclosed that they used to go hiking and traveled across the country on weekends regularly, but they had stopped doing it over the years. 

The breakup shocked OP, but he believed it was even harder to explain to his ex-girlfriend's son why he wouldn't be around anymore. 

However, he managed to accept things and managed to move on. He found a new job, worked remotely, and explored multiple countries. 

OP feared explaining to his ex-girlfriend's son why he wouldn't live with him anymore | Source: Unsplash


OP confessed it was difficult to get over his relationship at first, but he managed to do it. He didn't think about his ex-girlfriend until he received an unexpected phone call from her. He recounted:

"She said that she is sick and is in hospital, they removed one of her breasts but recently they found a tumour in her other breast and will need to have it removed as well."

His girlfriend feared she wouldn't make it after the surgery, so she asked OP to adopt her son. She said she had no one else to turn to, and he was her last hope. 

OP received an unexpected call from his ex-girlfriend | Source: Unsplash


Since OP wasn't the same person anymore and had adopted a different lifestyle which included frequent traveling, he refused his ex-girlfriend's request. 

She insisted and told him that her son missed him and would love to see him. OP refused again, after which she started crying. She yelled at him before ending the phone call. 

OP believed he did the right thing, but he doubted his decision after talking to his parents and sister. They felt it wasn't right to refuse her request since he had spent so many years with the woman and her son. 

His ex-girlfriend feared she wouldn't make it after the surgery | Source: Unsplash


Feeling guilty about his decision, he posted his story on Reddit to ask others if he was wrong. grouchymonk1517 asked OP what would happen if his ex-girlfriend survived after the surgery. The user explained:

"You're back in this kids life but now she doesn't need you so you're cut off again. That's not good for you or the child."

slendermanismydad agreed to the comment and predicted that OP's ex-girlfriend would ask OP for child support in the future. 

He shared his story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash


GuardMost8477 confessed she was a breast cancer survivor and she could never imagine guilting her ex-boyfriend into adopting her child. She also believes OP's family was at fault for making him feel guilty about his decision. 

unpopularcryptonite thought the circumstances were quite manipulative for OP. She wondered how the child suddenly started missing OP when his ex-girlfriend's cancer surfaced. The user believed the child wouldn't even remember OP since it had been two years since they last met. 

Most users believed OP did the right thing. They also discussed the possibilities of unfavorable future events. The majority of Redditors asked OP to distance himself from his ex-girlfriend. 


Some people believed OP's ex-girlfriend was manipulating him | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

If you were OP, would you move in with a woman who dated multiple men in the past?


OP decided to move in with his ex-girlfriend despite knowing she had dated multiple men in the past. Some people might think he did the right thing by not judging her based on her past mistakes. However, other people might think he made the wrong choice by ignoring the red flags and shouldn't have moved in with her.

Do you think OP should adopt his ex-girlfriend's son?

OP believed he couldn't adopt the child because of his lifestyle, while his parents thought otherwise. They wanted him to adopt the child because of the connection they had. Do you think OP did the right thing by refusing his ex-girlfriend's request? 

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