Daughter's meeting with estranged dad takes an unexpected turn after his mistress unexpectedly arrives | Shutterstock
Source: Daughter's meeting with estranged dad takes an unexpected turn after his mistress unexpectedly arrives | Shutterstock

After Two Years, Daughter Meets Estranged Dad in a Café and His Mistress Unexpectedly Arrives

Rita Kumar
Jan 18, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A young woman feels compelled to meet her estranged dad at the local café, and while they’re busily talking, his mistress arrives out of nowhere. 


A daughter’s reaction left her estranged dad speechless after his mistress eerily arrived out of nowhere during their first meeting in two years. 

The 24-year-old woman with the Reddit username ThrowRAMyDadMistress posted her story online, seeking “relationship advice” if she needed to reconnect with her estranged dad after the incident in the café on that fateful day. 

Woman meets estranged dad in a café & freezes when his "mistress" arrives out of nowhere | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP)’s family experienced the most brutal blow when her dad’s extramarital affair with a woman ten years younger than her mom came to light.

The affair wrecked the family, ending her parents’ two-decade-old marriage. Following a tumultuous divorce, the family moved on while the man continued seeing his newfound love interest. OP felt betrayed by her dad and decided to cut contact with him.

Fast forward to two years, the woman didn’t acknowledge her dad though he tried contacting her. However, a message on Facebook got her pondering—and it was from her dad’s mistress.

OP got an unexpected message from her dad's mistress | Photo: Unsplash


The daughter couldn’t believe it was her and froze on the street. She scrolled through the message that mentioned how her dad regretted their relationship turning sour and missed her. 

And because it was the holiday season, the mistress proposed to OP how it would be a fantastic idea to reach out and visit her dad soon.

She doubted if the mistress followed her dad to the café.

The lady even wrote how her dad would often reminisce about his good old times with her. After reading the long message, OP somehow had a strange feeling echoing inside her. 

The daughter felt strange about the message | Photo: Unsplash


She was confused whether she was being unreasonably cruel to keep dragging what happened before for two years or if she needed to let it go and reconcile with her father. After deep thought, she asked herself, “I have to move on at some point, right?” 

Even her close friend advised her that life was too short and that the man was her father at the end of the day. However, OP was pretty confident that even if she met her dad, their conservation would somehow turn sour.

OP realized that she had to move on at some point | Photo: Pexels


OP contacted her dad and told him about hos mistress’ message. She was surprised when he told her he had no clue about those texts. 

Comforted that he still missed her, OP finally acknowledged her dad’s effort to reconcile and set up a coffee date with him. 

Finally, the big day arrived. OP said she had never been this tense and awkward meeting her father, considering the bitterness in their relationship. Their meeting started with a stiff hug but within the first half-hour, it went smoothly.

The dad and daughter met at a café & hugged each other | Photo: Pexels


But just as OP was carried away, she said the whole universe felt like a "cosmic joke" after seeing her dad’s mistress appear out of nowhere. The woman claimed she coincidentally wandered about nearby and stopped to say “hello” after noticing them through the window.

OP couldn’t understand what was going on and was dazed. She said her dad appeared “surprised” by the woman’s arrival but happy about it. 

The dad's mistress arrived | Photo: Pexels


The daughter watched her dad talk to his mistress in front of her, and he seemingly wasn't bothered by her presence there. 

OP was annoyed as she felt it was supposed to be just her and her dad. She kept calm while the mistress sat next to her dad.

Moments later, the man tried to continue the conversation, but to no avail. They silently agreed to end their meeting, and just as the dad got up to give OP a bye-bye hug, she briskly walked away, saying a cold “bye.”

OP gave her dad the cold shoulder & walked away | Photo: Unsplash


OP was shocked and furious for taking home a memorable insult. She suspected the mistress followed her dad to the café. She said she was utterly disappointed with how her father handled it, especially since it was their first meeting after two long years. 

OP took her ordeal to Reddit to get a clearer picture of what was happening. To her surprise, even the people online suggested her dad could’ve been faking it.

The woman was utterly disappointed with her dad | Photo: Pexels


“Your dad 100% knew she was going to show up, and he is lying to you about the message,” Redditor Mild_Attitude wrote, adding:

“He wants you to pretend what he did was okay and that he’s a good guy, and to do that, he has to act like it’s perfectly fine for the mistress to be his girlfriend and hang out with you.”

As more people flocked to advise OP, some told her that her dad could’ve already known his mistress would interrupt their meeting but kept calm intentionally.

Several people told OP that her dad could've already known his mistress would show up at the café | Photo: Pexels


“Deep down, I believe he knew too and was in on it from the start, but that means he thinks I’m stupid and gullible enough to fall for it, which honestly hurts a lot,” OP replied.

She sent her father a message later that she felt it was nothing more than a set-up to belittle her. She even lashed out at him, saying he shouldn’t have let his mistress join them if he genuinely cared about reconciling.

She sternly told him not to contact her again as long as his mistress was in the picture. Meanwhile, some were curious about his response.

“He tried calling me several times, but I did not respond. He then sent me messages saying that he didn’t mean for it to happen…I don’t want to talk to him, so I have not replied to him,” OP stated.


Though OP's dad tried calling her after the incident, she preferred not to respond | Photo: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the mistress interrupting OP’s meeting with her dad was coincidental?


The mistress claimed she happened to be nearby when she saw the dad and daughter through a window and stopped by to say hello. However, OP said she had her doubts and wondered if it was a set-up. Even the commenters online felt likewise, considering how the dad didn’t bother about OP and was at a loss for words after the mistress arrived. Do you think the dad and his girlfriend could’ve set up the whole meeting?

Should OP reconcile with her dad considering the damage done during their first meeting in two years?

OP said she slammed her dad through a message mentioning how he shouldn’t have allowed his mistress to interrupt their meeting if he sincerely cared about their relationship. She also asked her dad not to contact her if he still tried bringing his mistress into the picture. Considering their rocky past and present, should OP give her dad another chance to reconcile with her?

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