Inside ‘Full House’s Jodie Sweetin’s Motherhood after 3 Broken Marriages to Cop, Driver & Musician

Jan 15, 2022
08:20 A.M.
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Jodie Sweetin began her journey to fame at a very young age. However, the former child star from "Full House" did not have much luck behind the camera. She experienced a career decline and three failed marriages.


Jodie Sweetin thrilled her audience as the young Stephanie Manner, the middle child in "Full House." She landed the role at age five and left after its abrupt end in 1995.

"Full House" was so successful during its reign that it earned a spot on the list of top shows across the country. Nevertheless, the story had to end, and by the time it did, Sweetin was 13.

Jodie Sweetin as a child [left], Jodie Sweetin and her children [right] | Photo: Getty Images


It took a while before Sweetin bounced back; the actress did not easily break the child star jinx (very few young entertainers evolved to adulthood and maintained relevance for various reasons).

The on-screen middle child found it challenging facing joblessness, but she progressed in other aspects of her personal life. Although Sweetin was married three times and became a mother, the actress has surmounted other hurdles in life and loves to share her story.

Jodie Sweetin in San Francisco on August 17, 1994 | Photo: Getty Images



Sweetin did not grow up in the care of her biological parents. She was adopted as an infant, at nine months old, as her birth parents were serving time. Despite her background, she was determined to make a name for herself and began acting as a young child, first on "Full House."

Following the "Full House" finale, Sweetin maintained a great relationship with her former cast members. But, in reality, the love the cast members displayed on-screen was nothing different from what they exhibited in real life.

However, her personal life was not put together. It seemed rather challenging adjusting to unemployment after the show, and the young teen ventured into a pattern that nearly wrecked her life.


Decades later, the "Full House" alum revealed that it all began when she tasted freedom. At age 14, while attending her former co-star—Candace Cameron Bure's wedding, she drank two bottles of wine, which gave her what felt like the missing confidence she craves. In her words:

"That first drink gave me the self-confidence I had been searching for my whole life."

While it boosted Sweetin's morale, she lacked discipline and soon became addicted to the bottles. During her teenage years and early 20s, the actress struggled with drugs and alcohol.


This pattern endangered her career because Sweetin had to check into rehabs and a series of programs. As a result, the youngster scored only two features in the 90s; in "Brotherly Love" and "Party of Five."

Fortunately, while acting was put on hold, the "Full House" alum pursued her degree by completing her high school education and advancing to Chapman University in California.



During her time in college, the actress met Shaun Holguin, a man she fell head over heels for, and the young adult planned on having a family with him. Holguin was a police officer who Sweetin married at 20.

During the peak of their romance, she revealed that acting was out of her books.  Instead, the former child star maintained that she would want to tutor actors apart from building a family with her husband. She said

"I would like to get into teaching actors and starting a family with Shaun."

Jodie Sweetin, Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle and Zoie Laurel May Herpin attend JoJo Siwa's Sweet 16 Birthday celebration at W Hollywood on April 09, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


Rather than follow her dreams, history repeated itself. A few years after her first wedding, the young family woman became addicted to crystal meth after trying it out for the first time. The obsession was so overwhelming that she attended a red carpet premiere high. 

Unfortunately, the demons destroyed her marriage, coupled with some trust and lying issues. She checked into a sober-living home shortly before ending her four-year marriage. Sweetin maintained that:

"He and I are going through a divorce, but we're still good friends. It's not ugly."


A year after the divorce, and tremendous health progress, the actress met Cody Herpin while performing as a host on Fuse's "Pants-off-Dance-off." Herpin worked on film sets as a driver and transportation expert.

The duo exchanged vows in 2007 and welcomed their first child, Zoie, the following year. Motherhood changed her life dramatically. The first-time mom began reaching out to young adults in schools, sharing her story and enlightening them on the addiction that plagued her life.


By the following year, Sweetin filed for legal separation. She revealed that her savings from "Full House" had been exhausted after she used it to pay for college, rehab, and a house. The little money left paired with her parents' financing ran their home because Herpin was unemployed.

The pair finally divorced, and Sweetin became romantically involved with a DJ, Morty Coyle. They welcomed a daughter, Beatrix in 2010, and married in 2012.

However, the marriage did not last. The actress filed for legal separation once again in 2013. After the split, she suffered a relapse but quickly pieced her life back by enrolling as a drug and alcohol counselor.


Two years later, she divorced husband number three. The couple settled amicably and decided to prioritize their child by co-parenting harmoniously. They kept in touch and vowed to take action if Beatrix became introduced to substance abuse by either parent.

Three divorces did not stop the determined actress from finding love again. She became involved with Justin Hodak, who proposed to his lover in 2016. Many expected it to be a sweet happy ending, but it was not.

They broke up, and Hodak was arrested after his ex-lover called the cops over his destructive behaviors, including threatened suicide, possession of firearms, and breaching a restraining order.



Even though Sweetin does not have numerous awards from her acting career, she can be crowned the best mom ever! Despite her divorces, the mother of two exudes positivity while parenting her young ones and does not mind living on caffeine to be present for their needs.

In October, the "Full House" alum shared a snap of her youngest child upholding the Jewish custom by lighting candles. Although Sweetin is not a jew, the actress teaches Beatrix to cherish her Jewish heritage.


Beatrix's older sister also enjoys bonding time with mom over TikTok videos. The 39-year-old uploaded a mother-daughter clip where she danced with her 13-year-old during a laundry break.

Zoie is in the eighth grade, and while she is BFFs with her mother, the adult permits her to do what she likes now and then but sits back to observe. The 13-year-old was allowed to paint her nails red to school, and both mother and child posed for a fabulous selfie.

Sweetin trusts her kids, as she believes to have equipped them with the necessary tools. For social media, the mother of two explained that she told the girls to be careful and understand that the perfection displayed online is not real.



More than once, Sweetin has proven to be a believer of love. The three-time divorcee is reportedly in an incredibly happy relationship with her current boyfriend, Mescal Wasilewski, who she shows off online.

Things appear to be going well. Sweetin has a sweet love story, a redeemed acting career, impressive parenting skills, and serves as an inspiration to many through her life story.


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