Man sets up a trap for his greedy cousin & makes him lose all his inheritance | Shutterstock
Source: Man sets up a trap for his greedy cousin & makes him lose all his inheritance | Shutterstock

Greedy Cousin Steals from Late Grandpa's Inheritance, Will's Clause Leaves Him with Nothing

Rita Kumar
Jan 20, 2022
12:20 A.M.
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Smitten by greed for more money, a man loses every dime from the enormous inheritance he got from his late grandfather after falling into his cousin’s trap. 


A man plotted an incredible plan to set up his greedy cousin, and at the end of it, treated him with the most brutal blow by making him lose all his inheritance. 

With over 10K upvotes and counting, this story on Reddit’s popular subreddit “ProRevenge” by user 327Nova is a dose of caution on how greed and gold-digging can backfire in the most unthinkable ways. 

A man plots the best revenge to set up his greedy cousin | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP), who calls himself his “grandfather’s favorite,” has two cousins who lost their mom around 25 years ago. 

Back then, the two children in their early 20s were left to fend for themselves, which they did after getting a part of their inheritance based on their grandparents' inheritance clause that grants children who lose a parent before they're 30 half of their inheritance. 

With the other half yet to be inherited, OP’s cousins both received a massive pay combined with the money they made by selling their mom’s house. However, the real problem started when one of them, OP’s older cousin, blew all his money.


OP's cousin blew all the money he'd inherited at the time of his mom's death | Photo: Pixabay

Within the next six years, he was back to living in a condo while working as a cop. Over the next four years, he wrestled between rehab and making ends meet and tried to get back on track after marrying his pregnant girlfriend. 


The cousin’s wife began seeing OP’s grandparents as nothing more than pots of gold for frequent paydays. She gradually sweet-talked her husband, assuming he was her ticket to making easy money.

The couple had three kids and thought a little boost financially wouldn’t hurt. Their money requests saw no end, and the grandparents helped them, considering the kind-hearted people they were. However, OP’s parents and sister were annoyed.

The cousin & his wife often visited OP's grandparents to make some easy money | Photo: Pexels


OP lost his grandma when he was 17, and him being his grandfather’s favorite among the grandkids irked his cousin and his wife.

With two more years left before college, OP moved in with his grandpa, much to his cousin’s frustration. Their resentment intensified to the extent that they’d often send their three mischievous kids to OP’s room to wreak havoc.

Meanwhile, some people were curious if OP’s cousin knew about being set up. 

OP’s cousin even tried messing with him by installing a hidden mechanical noisemaker in his cabinet. However, none of his antics succeeded until one of his children gained access to OP’s fully-loaded gun he kept safely for self-defense.


The cousin often let his mischievous kids wreak havoc in OP's room without his consent | Photo: Unsplash

OP was 18, and since his grandfather’s arthritis and nerve degeneration prevented him from using arms, he placed the guns in his grandson’s custody in case he would need it for self-defense. 


The grandpa was stern about not leaving the firearms within reach apart from when they're being cleaned, so finding the gun in the hands of his cousin's child smelled TROUBLE for OP. His cousin was aware of this and knew what to do to use OP’s fear in his favor.

OP secured the gun in his nightstand & his cousin was aware of this little secret | Photo: Pexels


On the fateful day when OP returned home after buying food for his grandpa, he was treated with a nightmare on the table—his gun wasn’t just out of the lockbox but also had a bullet readily chambered.

The cousin immediately claimed one of his kids found the gun and was toying around with it. OP was pretty doubtful of his cousin’s claims as he knew it would’ve been impossible for a 6-year-old to reach the key, unlock the box, and load the gun by himself.

He tried explaining this to his grandpa, but his cousin interrupted, advising him of arms safety, and threatening to have him arrested if he didn’t leave. So OP grabbed his belongings and returned to his parents while his cousin assumed he had “DONE IT” at last. 


The guy threatened OP of potential arrest | Photo: Pexels

Meanwhile, the grandpa thought it would be better for OP to return once things settled. But just as the two were mending their fractured relationship, the grandpa died a month later of a heart attack, aged 86. 


This time, OP’s cousin and his wife turned to OP's father, realizing their payday was sealed after the grandpa’s passing. This continued for a couple of months until the big announcement: the will and who inherited how much.

The details of the will came to light after the grandfather's passing | Photo: Unsplash


The will was read and OP couldn’t get over the critical clause his late grandparents had mentioned in the documents. 

The miracle line stated that if any of the beneficiaries claimed a part of the inheritance not assigned to them, they’d have to “surrender” their entire share, which would be divided equally among the rest. 

OP thought this was his grandparents’ way of punishing anyone among them who would want more than their allotted share and OP's cousin wasn't aware of this clause. And so, he had a plan brewing in the back of his head.

OP had a plan in his head while the documents were being read out | Photo: Pexels


He called his cousin and told him about their grandma’s precious jewelry which were set to be donated for a charitable auction. The information tempted his cousin, who wasted no second in rushing to his grandparents’ house to grab as much jewelry as he could.

Coincidentally, OP’s dad was on his way to the house with the lawyer to formally check the assets.  They noticed three shoeboxes filled with jewelry on the kitchen counter, and just as they wondered who put them there, OP’s cousin walked out of the bedroom with the fourth box.

OP's dad & the lawyer spotted strange boxes in the kitchen | Photo: Pexels


Following a legal tussle over theft, OP's cousin lost all his inheritance in just half an hour of getting caught. His younger sister had no regrets over the entire ordeal and how OP set her brother up.

The guy’s wife filed for divorce a few weeks later, and it was all OP ever heard from his cousin. His story amassed over 10K upvotes, with people flooding the comments section with their incredible responses.

Some people spoke of similar instances, making it evident that OP wasn’t alone in dealing with gold-diggers in the family. 

The cousin lost all his inheritance in just 30 minutes of getting caught | Photo: Pexels


“My uncle went to my grandma’s house during her funeral and loaded up a trailer with anything worth selling...Nothing was done about it. He just got away with it,” Redditor HopefulDandelion said, adding:

“She had written them a check, and they pretended to lose it and cashed both the original and the replacement.”

The person’s grandma let it go because she was kind though her son lived in a house she owned, entirely rent-free. 

Meanwhile, some people were curious if OP’s cousin knew about being set up. 

Some people online were curious if OP's cousin was aware of the trap | Photo: Pexels


“And your cousin was not a wee bit suspicious after all the [expletive] he pulled with you,” commented user Raz0rking.

“Our families lived very close...With his tunnel vision set on money and the whole family in disarray, I doubt he stopped to think it was a trap,” OP replied.

Taking a dig at his cousin’s unawareness of his witty revenge plan, OP claimed the guy would’ve underestimated him. 

“I think he underestimated me because of how well he played me and viewed me as a non-threat,” he concluded

OP believed his cousin underestimated him & regarded him as a non-threat | Photo: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP’s grandpa wouldn’t have asked him to leave had OP informed him about his cousin’s antics much earlier?

OP said his cousin joined forces with his wife and kids to mess up his room, fidget with his belongings, and make it impossible for him to stay with the grandpa. However, OP let go of it, until things went awry after his cousin gained access to the gun in his custody. Still, it begs us the question: Would OP’s grandpa have sided with him and not asked him to leave had he known about the tussle between him and his cousin? 

Had OP’s dad not caught his cousin stealing the grandma’s jewelry on time, would the guy have escaped humiliation and loss of his inheritance?


In one of the comments, OP said he’d initially planned to point out the missing jewelry and check the cameras while surveying the assets. He ensured he would trap the guy with theft charges, but his dad’s visit to the grandparents’ house was perfectly timed, though it wasn’t part of his plan. Do you think OP would’ve still succeeded in his plan without his dad visiting the house on time and with lack of CCTV evidence?

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